Finally Found My Inspiration



Today has been tremendous. For the longest time I have struggled to find my place, to find meaning in the everyday. I’ve fought and sobbed and screamed and given up so many times that I began to wonder if maybe life was just a big meaningless blob of ‘meh’ that I’d be doomed to slog through.

I’ve heard people talk about finding inspiration before, but never really “got it”. It always seemed so shallow and full of meaningless emotional barf, I honestly thought most “inspiration” was just a load of sunshine designed to be blown up naïve individuals’ butts by corporations looking for money.

Today… has been a turning point for me. One that I never thought would come. I’ve been a musician for awhile and I’m quite good, but I’ve never taken myself seriously. I think it’s partly because I never believed I was good enough to make it. My parents and siblings and close friends like my stuff, but surely nobody else would. So I have fallen in and out of creating music for years and made little progress.

And then I decided on a random whim to pull up the Wikipedia page of one of my favorite artists since I knew he had multiple “projects” over the years and his style is exactly what I wish I could sound like.

I finished reading and have been completely blown away. This guy that I have been listening to for a few years now has almost the same background that I do. His biography could have been retitled with my name. And now he has gone from being a simple artist to managing his own record label. Someone like me, who struggled with college and music theory broke away from it all and blazed his own path to become hugely successful.

So… I think I finally understand what it means to be inspired! I finally have a long-term goal! I’m finally taking myself and my “hobby” seriously.

I wish I could put into words the feeling of relief and excitement that is coursing through me at this moment!

Here you know me as Wabbajack. But if you hear of a new music project under the name Fear of Feedback, just know that is also me. It is my goal to get signed to FiXT records which is managed by Scott “Klayton” Albert aka Celldweller.

Will that happen? Maybe, maybe not. Am I going to give my all in pursuit of it? Heck yeah! So there you go, I finally found my inspiration. Hopefully I can go on to inspire others too.


It feels good when we find the real meaning of doing something we love. I was about to create a new thread but since I can also somewhat relate to this (only my school time is much shorter unfortunately) I’m going to tell a bit of my story here.

A bit after my parents divorced, I used to go some weekends to see my mother. She had an Italian electronic keyboard synthesizer (GEM PX3) and remember being quite good with it, my mother even taught me a song that I still remember to this day.

Ever since, my hobby has always been music, beside sometimes riding my bike.

In 2008, I discovered this software called LMMS, and never let go of it, I did start learn to use other softwares but… too complex, bored too easily. Now I’m taking my time to learn ableton because It’s intituitive, at least for me.

Since I don’t need to make a topic, I’m going to share something I did this afternoon and do my rave with you. Cheers!

PS: And thanks for being there the other day for me :slight_smile:


Wow! That was awesome! I’m kinda sad that it was only 35 seconds long. Need more! :smile:


Working on it :slight_smile: Took me a couple hours :slight_smile:


Nice job! What software do you use for this?:grin:


Thanks! :blush:
I use a Linux based software called LMMS, as for vst synthesizers (virtual instruments) a mostly go with free softwares too.

Examples: T-force alpha plus and freeboy (gameboy sound emulator) for the main melody lead.

That sample you ear in the very beginning was something that other fellow brony (fan of mlp) made several months ago and stayed on my computer for months.