finally plan on acknowledging my adhd


hi fellow brains that live on this giant rock we call earth. ive was diagnosed with adhd when i was around 12 (i think??? something like that) they believed it to be only mild adhd, we didn’t treat it really in anyway, just kind of left it in the backs of our minds, and mentioned it every now and then when i struggled in school.

fast forward to now and I’m a freshman in college, finals start in a few days and theirs only two of my four classes i can mathematically pass. when i look back, its been a similar story every year of school ive been in, barley passing classes, not getting stuff turned in. then i started looking at my life more, and this was reflected not just in my school life, but every where. i have trouble coming up with things that ive followed through with to the end.

i have trouble connecting with my friends because they are all masters of call of duty or league of legends, me, i play a game for less than a week before i move on to a new one. on the rare occasion i can find a video game that keeps my attention for a month. ive come close to completing a few games, but i always come up short of the finish when i find a new one.

ive had thoughts about all the things ive failed to complete in the back of my mind for a long time, and this probably contributed to the depression ive had for a handful of years. but mostly over the years ive slowly told my self that im lazy and ive ended up telling my self that over and over until i believed it to be true.

this year ive noticed all of this, and then i remembered i had adhd and i started looking into int and have released hat my adhd might be the cause of a lot of this, and when i accept that i feel like i can try to find way sto overcome this before ive messed up my college life to much.

on a side note, do most people with adhd have poor penmanship, or is that just me?


Hello Trainfreak and welcome!

We are glad to have ya! Is it still mild? Still bear-able? (Both a pun and a legitimate question :grin: :slight_smile: :heart:


i haven’t been tested sense then, but i feel like it isnt. and sorry, i hit send in the middle of typing that whole thing.


No worries! I do that occasionally too. :grin:

If you’re struggling I would recommend talking to a doctor about it! That way you aren’t just stuck struggling with no help behind you.

I feel ya about the video games. I think out of all the games I’ve played I’ve only fully completed like 2% of them? The rest I got SUPER CLOSE to the end but never finished (looking at you, Assassin’s Creed 1 :grimacing:). I actually ditched AC1 because I found xcom and got hooked on that. Now THAT I’ve actually finished. Twice. Once without the DLC. Once with the DLC. But it’s REALLY hard to find a tactics game like xcom that isn’t super basic and boring, so I’m hyperfocusing the hell out of it since it’s something I don’t get very often. But most of the time I get distracted by another game. I’ve finished DOOM 2016, Skyrim, Xcom… Borderlands 1… and I think that’s roughly it. Never finished Borderlands 2 or the Pre-Sequel. Never finished Witcher 2. Never finished Assassin’s Creed. Never finished Half-Life 2. etc etc etc. So I can totally relate to that. THOUGH TO BE FAIR ABOUT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, it’s always changing for the new season when it comes about. Even if it’s just mastery changes, there are still changes that happen quickly and you’re stuck semi-relearning stuff… and transitioning to their new changes. Used to play it. That’s actually the biggest reason I quit. Heh.

Also my Mom made me work on penmanship as a kid :sweat_smile: So I have two writing modes. My handwriting is either really nice and legible… oooooor it’s a huge mess :joy: It’s usually a huge mess cause I can’t be asked to keep it nice cause that requires slowing down and I can’t do that. not easily. :grin:


Hi Trainfreak :slight_smile:

I am finally getting to grips with stuff in my late forties, kudos to you for realising this might be a good time to seek help already!

Not finishing stuff was the bane of my life. Big things, small things, you name it. The last 14 years I’ve had my wonderful partner cheering me on, which helped, but I felt terrible for needing that.

Now I understand finally why I am the way I am, and am getting a lot of help and support to literally change the habits of a lifetime. And it’s amazing!

I hope you can get help too, it makes such a difference! It does take time though. I am also studying, for a part time Masters degree. I realised in year 1 that i couldn’t do this the old way any more, and agreed to seek a diagnosis. More than a year later, and lots of therapy and a little bit of coaching (that only started a month ago!), I really feel I am making progress at last. So it’s possible that my degree might take a little longer than planned, I am not sure yet, but at least it’s not going to give me a nervous breakdown now :smiley:


Yes I pretty much had to come to that point myself when I was working at the hospital. Now I am looking more into basically relearning who I am and how I work. Its like reading an instruction manual for myself. Now I’ve read that this can potentially be hereditary so if I know better I can hopefully do better for my future children.


I am often told I should be a doctor because my handwriting is so horrible.
On another note you should be able to get an ADHD assessment through your university which should allow you to have accommodations provided to you. I am not sure if they are the same everywhere but i get time and a half for exams ( so if the class gets an hour I get and hour and a half) and i can take them in a quiet room. I know that it took me a while to accept the fact that i need to use these accommodations (as in failed courses). They are the best thing that ever happened to me.

Keep going strong !