Finally trying something different ...

G’day to y’all,

not sure where to post or even if I should be. I am hoping you are all doing ok and just writing a quick note as to, things.

So on Thursday I finally got into seeing a Psychiatrist because 10 years ago I was told I should not and 8 weeks ago I could not because I was not double vaccinated. On Friday morning I had my first of two tablets of dexamphetamine for the day, managed to get through the day without loosing my temper at anyone, noticing that I could deliberately context switch more and I worked into the night coding, because (like I am now).

3’rd day on it and well I can’t say that life has changed overnight (because I seem not to want to go to sleep and I have a deadline that I needed to attend to and and … ) but definitely getting better at holding my tongue and not being … as impulsive … kinda also notice when it wears off I start rubbing people the wrong way (apologies if this message does that here … just wanted to type/talk)

I’m blind testing the rest of the family and at this point no one seems to have noticed anything (apart from me being awake into the night), so I’ll let sleeping dogs lie. Especially because I am feeling rather upset about not having tried this avenue for over 10 years and the combined specialist appointment and prescription was peanut money compared to what I’ve spent (cost me half as much as a psychologist appointment and all of it was on the public health care system here) worse still what it has cost in other ways. They better not find out when it has worn off because I might bark back bad.

Can’t say it’s all roses and no thorns, there’s been a little nausea and headache from lack of sleep, and definitely have had a few WTF moments esp last night as the dose wore off , I needed sleep , and everything started being in slow motion and we had to go out to visit family.

I’m not sure I need two tabs a day (well atm I do, this deadline wooshed past like so many before) saw a post from @Bubbles17 that you’d cut back on the second one for the day and were still managing fine.

One thing that was awesome was a being able to have a sense of accomplishment when I finished something, weird how even when I got something finished before I felt like I should feel more satisfied but had to tell myself rather than just feeling it, and only in the past few days has that actually been happening.

Hoping you’re all doing fine and I’ll be back sometime in the week, 40 years of habits are not going to change overnight but I think I just found a rudder.

:peace_symbol: and :heart: to you all.


Glad it’s working for you. Maybe it’s too high of a dosage, or maybe your body will get used to it.

You mentioned nausea. I always take my meds with food, unless I’m given specific instruction by the doctor or pharmacist not to. If I don’t take with food, I get nauseous. I think that Adderall made me a little nauseous the first 1-2 times I took it. Atomoxetine made me very nauseous the first time I took it without food. I later figured out that I had to eat food before, with, or no more that 20 minutes before eating food. (The nausea from that hit me like an intense wave.)

I know that for dexamphetamine, like with Adderall, food and drink with citric acid can affect absorption rate.

I know that when Adderall wore off, I became irritable.

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i keep meaning to mention that i like your photo. i liked the cat too. i find it rather pleasing that both are black and white.

i’m excited for you to see how this can help. it took me a couple tries to find the right dosing schedule. i also found that i’ve changed my daily rhythms a bit to match. (e.g., i used to be a night owl but working at night either means working with no meds onboard or taking meds late and not being able to sleep when work is done. instead i do my work early in the day.) that shift was pretty gradual though.

it’s interesting what you say about feeling a sense of accomplishment when completing things. it’s very cool that you are starting to feel that and that you noticed the shift. it’ll be interesting what, if anything, changes as a result of that shift.


Thanks JD,

yeah with food seems to be better. Irritable was my all the time; right now finding some solace in the alternative.

Thanks for the heads up on citric acid, I eat lemons whole sometimes and I’ve heard acid helps the body absorb protein (explains why lemon on fish or sauerkraut and wurst work so well) so I might leave that for the evenings hey.

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the doggy is our border collie as a pup, Lupo, the breeder took that photo, he’s two now. The cat was Mario, he was an amazing cat, and the pup and two other cats are now filling that void. Also, there’s the Mario Brothers thing with me being Luigi.

I’ve had to wait 50+ years to get a dog and I’ve gone from nothing to Border Collie so it’s been a bit of a ride.

I’d already on the road to being a morning person, I take Lupo out at or just after dawn, and at the moment thinking that I’ll just see how what the doctor ordered works out over the next week, no point rushing these things.

Another observation: I gave myself 10 min to reply to you both, and Bingo right on the money.

Thanks for your replies.



Try to have the citric acid, like lemons, at a different meal time than the meds.

I only had to remember not to have orange juice with breakfast. (I’m a coffee drinker, primarily, so it wasn’t much of a problem. I only get a craving for OJ on rare occasion.) Citric acid is not a problem with my current medication.

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