Finding work

My name is Richard and I am the father of a 29 year old who was diagnosed at 19. She couldn’t complete college and has had several jobs since moving back to the same city as her Mom and me.
I want to find some way to help everyone in the ADHD community to find jobs and to get the appropriate accommodations they might need to help them be successful.

I don’t know if any employment agencies specialize in this or if this is something I could take to an employment agency to see if they might open up a niche area for ADHDers.
I have only seen one company that says they have an HR group specifically to address accommodations. I suspect that is for all issues that might be associated with ADA.

I don’t know if this should be a separate category or fall into an existing one.

Looking forward to responses.




Welcome aboard Richard!

Depending on where you live a State Employment agency (USA) might have vocational counseling services or contracts with private specialists who possibly could be helpful. I know for my son (now 42) medication and an experienced ADHD Coach were helpful. Of course I’m shooting in the dark here . . . But for what it’s worth!

Stick with those good people here and I’m sure you’ll hear other ideas.

Barry (from Brooklyn, NY)