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My name is Kadeem and I’ve been living with diagnosed ADHD since my early childhood. I just recently found out about this forum in 2018 and I have now decided to post. I couldn’t tell you how releaved I am to come across people with similar issues as me. I grew up thinking something was wrong with constantly being looked at as a trouble maker, struggling with school (to this day I’ve never finished highschool) and relationship and emotional regulation issues to the point I fell into depression at the age of 15. Reading some of the post here have been a blessing and uplifting for me for once I don’t feel out of place not normal or as if something is fundamentally wrong with me. I’ve never been on medication I used to do treatments in my early childhood but had to stop because it was too expensive for my family to afford them. For first time in a long time this is the first time I’ve had a sense of real relief from the turmoil of my own brain. From thinking I was slow or stupid ( I’m actually really intelligent just recalling memory can be tough). I really can’t thank you all enough I just had to let be known and that I appreciate all of you.

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Hi Kadeem!

Welcome to the tribe! I hope this is a good place for you to learn about ADHD and how to cope with it. I hope you grow and learn strategies to help you organize and deal with some of the symptoms many of us share.

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thank you so much for the welcome and this space has been superhelpful for me