First semester in the bag

I just finished my first semester’s worth of college finals. Wait for what how did this happen. Kinda excited to be done for a little while, but at the same time, it’s weird. Also, I am a freshman. But the thing is I did it all myself yep. I think I can conquer the world now. Only seven more semesters until graduation. I studied on my own, and at times yes, it was overwhelming, but I got through it, and it was boring at times, too, but still, I did it on my own without prompting from parents. But heck it feels good to be done and feels good to be doing it on my own.


Hey @Camper_Ellie congratulations!!!

I’m truly happy for you!!! Keep up with the good work :slight_smile:

And aslo maybe write this what you wrote here down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere for you to see when tuff times arise you can remember the feeling your had that day!

Have a nice day!

And celebrate your winning:)


thanks may more success happen in the new year


A celebrating digital hug or high five, you decide. :laughing:
Yeah less than 3 weeks and 2020 is here. I still don’t know, if it shell excite me or afraid me. Sometimes an adventure looks a bit scary, even it can become so awesome. I try to stay calm thinking of university in January starting again.

This little hat… :mortar_board: … I want this little hat. Sometimes I get a strange desire, me wanting to bite into a wooden tabletop. :rofl:


That’s awesome!!! Congrats :tada::tada::tada:

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Well done camper Ellie!

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Corona just kidnapped your plan…

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