First step into getting diagnosed- Creating your history


Hello again everyone,

As I understand the first step into getting a diagnosis and access to treatment is the recording of one’s history. Would any of you have a tip about a template/ form that could help with that? I mean one that asks specific questions/ touches on the relevant subjects?




During my appointments for testing and diagnosis, they provided the forms. It wasn’t like I “came up with” a properly formulated history for them. Instead, I just went to the doctor’s office for my appointment, at which time they promptly took out all sorts of questionnaires and we started filling them out. I didn’t know WHAT I had … all I knew was that “it wasn’t working” and I wanted help. They then identified symptoms, categorized my various successes and failures, put together an applicable biography, applied several “inventory” type tests, did a few blinky-lights-on-the-computer tests later, even took blood samples and so on. The format of the history thing was up to them.

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Generally, you answer several queationnaires, but for your personal history, I’d recommend just writing down notes for examples and things that have haooened in your past that might warrant telling the doctor. Then when you meet with them, you can use your notes to tell them and they take it down, or you use it to fill out a form if they have one. But for the love of God, write a note sheet. I went a few times, and every time, as I was leaving, or on the subway home, I would remember two, three things I MEANT to mention, but forgot, and would have to email him with them…:sweat_smile: It was stupid, so don’t make the same mistake as me…!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Format, however, is up to them.:wink:



I filled out a questionnaire when I went to the neurologist to get tested



Im 20 so some of my school records were still on a data base and they just printed them out for me and gave them to my Dr then he called my parents and spoke to them about my childhood and a diagnosis was made from that evidence, and I also types out a document of my struggles now and what I remember from school and he did a 50 question quiz type thing and got back to me in 2 weeks and started me on medication