First Time In a Support Group with fellow Like Minded Tribesman!! SO AWSOME!

Well… I guess I’ll just start with this.
My Name is Wyatt Anderson I am 26 going on 27 years old this October… nervously Engaged to the craziest Latina in the world. We are both missionaries and love Culture and traveling the world! She’s a very structured, Neuro Typical girl as Jessica would say. December 14 is the big day…I’m excited about a new adventure, but absolutely terrified at the same time. So I’m really hoping that Joining this support group can help with advice. Moreover just being around like-minded ADHDers is something I am really looking forward to.

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 12. In my case, the school put me through extensive testing to make the diagnosis. I remember the feeling of embarrassment was just so overwhelming. Transitioning from homeschool to public school was a huge challenge. I was supposed to go into the 7th grade that year but was held back into the sixth after testing. My English… reading, and writing were college level, but math was my worst enemy. Because of that, well… the Journey into the Diagnosis began.

Mrs. Hunt (my math teacher) would probably still describe me as her worst student…bless her heart…fought a hard with my parents to put me into special ed classes. I’ll never forget her heated meetings with my parents who would not accept that I needed those classes. So after just three weeks in public school, I was meeting with the doctor. The evaluation was a process, it wasn’t quick. I remember who I guess was a Psychiatrist, would sit and watch me in my classes. Mrs. Hunt told the whole class she was there to watch me…wow what a way to start off making friends.

The medicine was super crazy! 25 mg Adderall, It was like a whole new world. My laser focus, the only way I can describe it…was like the Death Star firing its Super laser! My first reaction was
“WHAT DO I FOCUS ON???!!!??!?!?” I still couldn’t decide on it for a good while. So I resorted to doing English homework during Math class. no one, not even Mrs. Hunt could pull me off of my writing assignment.
Throughout the year I know I was a challenge for Mrs. Hunt and I really wish I could go back and apologize and explain that I was trying as hard as I could. My mom and I even bought her pet fish for her Birthday to…win “rapport” with her. She hated the fish and…and I still think she killed Bubbles on purpose. He was dead in his tank after we came back from recess…kindly asking me to go flush him down the toilet.
“You dream too big. You are in your own world too much to succeed in life.” Mrs. Hunt told me in front of the whole class, I’ll never forget those words. My parents went to the principal, but she justified what she said by giving my parent’s my…math doodlings… from my homework pages.

Truthfully I have forgiven her, and the still laugh even as I write this. Her words to me have however become a motivation, and if I were to see her again? I would love to tell her about the countries I have been honored to travel to! the Somali Refugees, working in Kuwait, and Traveling by bus all throughout Mexico!

That was my first huge transition into public school and a new Diagnosis. After High School, My next big dream in life was joining in the Military but it quickly faded when I was denied because of my ADHD, moreover because I had recently gotten off my meds. The recruiter told me that I needed to be off the meds for at least 3 years to be considered. I tried nearly every branch but… nothing. So even to this day, I still feel ashamed to take my Vyvanse… I’ve been off and on trying to hold out to see if I can make 3 years a success. But I can never make it through month seven. that is when the “Fog” really kicks in and mistakes in work are constant. Every time I take the meds I feel like I’m admitting defeat.

College lasted for one semester before I dropped out in 2013. My parents had a rule that if I was not in school I could not live with them, so I went Homeless for nearly a year. Living in an old bus outside of town, with some guys who had lost their job. (Crazy story for another time) I applied everywhere for a job, tried the military again with no results. Jobs I had only lasted a few months, with little success.

I did, however, take a job in construction with a boss whose kids also struggled with ADHD, and he really had A LOT of grace with me. The First boss who understood me and constantly encouraged me. Man! It was a big deal hearing encouragement for once.

August of 2014 I enrolled back into college and actually got a scholarship for Journalism (also another story for another time) One of my first interviews ever was the former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox.
(Interview: Just a few months after that I went deep into Mexico to get a dangerous story that involved missing Students. I was back on my meds.

When I came back, I met this girl and we quickly got into a relationship. Life was finally good! Everything was going amazing! My parents were proud (and scared)…Then in February right before Valentine’s Day, my girlfriend broke up with me and my life just plummeted into an abyss. I was so embarrassed, I could hardly leave my dorm room. I skipped class and failed everything by the time the year ended…I haven’t been back since.

Off and on I have taken my meds but tried the military again…but no success. However, I started traveling the world and working to fund my trips. Things have been up and down. Traveling is another story to write later. I’ve learned a lot, and have new goals. Met my Fiance, and now finally now I am really starting to learn about how my ADHD brain works.

Jessica has been the most relatable ADHD story I have heard so far. I literally found her channel last Friday at lunch after another screw-up and close call at work. She has been a massive encouragement, I’ve watched most of her videos (and ukulele songs) I can’t thank her enough!

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Hi wyatt! Welcome to the tribe :grin:
EDIT: I came back to see the response and briefly panicked bc I thought I had ignored your whole paragraph…only to realize it was an edit :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much!! It is an HONOR!


No problem! We’re glad you’re here :wink:
Also, I was homeschooled too! I’m sorry to hear about your teacher, I’m sure we all have plenty of awful teacher stories here :sweat_smile: it’s awesome that you were able to forgive her! ( btw your trips sound really interesting!!! )


Man! I really appreciate it! Wow you were homeschooled too? Did you like it? My mom and I went around and around until she had enough and my parents put me in public school. But it was still a blessing to be around other kids so It worked for me eventually.

Yeah I think I might write more about the adventures around the world. Man you have really encouraged me! Thank you so much!


Yup! idk how my mom manages all 4 of us at once!!! I do go to a co-op though ( 2 days a week ) I’ve found that it’s a nice balance because i make tons of friends ( literally everyone in our class is friends…idk how that works but it does :sweat_smile: ) however, there’s still flexibility on the day to day to accommodate my Brain :grin:

I’m excited to hear about them!!! Our family friends are missionaries and I’ve always loved hear about it ( Ive also talked on this thread! Scatterbrained in Africa ) And that’s what we’re here for! :grin:


Yeah, I was homeschooled too, from kindergarten all the way through high school. My parents weren’t originally planning to do so, but when my older brother was 4 years old, we stayed for several days in the home of a psychiatrist that they had contact with. He observed my brother for all that time, and at the end he diagnosed him as ADHD - or “hyperactivity” as it was then called.

Although I probably have it as well, I was not diagnosed, and I don’t think I was even on the radar. For starters, I was only two years old at the time. But besides that, the focus in the 1980’s was entirely on hyperactive kids, not daydreamy kids - i.e. the non-hyperactive “inattentive type” was not well known at all.

Anyway, the same psychiatrist had an ADHD son himself, and he recommended that my parents either use a tutor or homeschool, as my brother would likely not do well in a classroom. So they homeschooled my brother, and me as well, because they didn’t want to treat us differently. I don’t think they really intended to keep doing it, but they found they liked homeschooling, so somehow it just kept going, year after year, until we were ready for college!

Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, but it did work well for us. My brother and I had the chance to learn at our own pace, in a less distracting environment. My mother is a super organized person who used to be a PE teacher, and my dad was a Greek professor, so they probably had some natural teaching skills that helped too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Man I just want to thank you! It was a huge help! I would love to hear more of your story! Chad africa! My fiancé and I just came back from Kenya and South Africa. But Chad would be so cool to visit.

Bibles int. You help translate the Bible? That is so really crazy awesome!

Whether you have been diagnosed pr not your story is inspiring and helpful! Thank you!

God Bless brother!