First time medication - nice to meet you Elvanse/Vyvance but where are you going?

Hello fellow brains!
Now I can actually say that because yesterday was the day: I got my official diagnose! :partying_face:
I’m officially a brain now!


I still have mixed feelings about that :sweat_smile:

Well now to my actual topic.
My doc prescribed me Elvanse (Vyvance in the US) because I was concerned about remembering the second dose you usually take with Aderall or Ritalin and I heard about some people crushing after the meds wear off and hit rock bottom.
So he told me to try Elvanse because it works slower and lasts longer.
He prescribed me 20mg which is normally the dosage kids start with.

It seems like I am one of the lucky ones, that this dosage helped me right away.
I took my first pill this morning and about 1h later it was kind of magical, cause, for the first time of my life the radio in my head went silent. I was able to think my thoughts to the end. I wasn’t distracted by my own brain. Like I said: magical!

The first thing I did was calling my mom. I nearly cried the whole call. (Tears of joy of course!)

I experienced only little sideeffects (dry mouth and decreased appetite - which is not that bad because I really need to loose weight).

Btw. Is it normal to have sideeffects with the first dosage? :thinking:

Now it is 8h later. Slowly the meds wear off.
It says that Elvanse usually lasts for 13h.

My question is now: does a higher dosage last longer?
Or will it only worsen the sideeffects and make me “fell like a robot”?

I’m tankfull for any advice you can give me because I am very new to that subject.

Love from my overheated apartment in Frankfurt - Germany :hot_face:


I am eager to see responses from other who’ve tried this medication. I have been on adderall for the last 2 weeks. I’m not sure it’s the most effective and I have some anxiety. The doctor I’m working with also talked to me about trying something for anxiety. I’m still thinking about what to do next…

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Hi German Shepard,

I am taking Elvanse since a week now. It’s my second medication. I started with Atomoxitin, which helped me very good with my ADHD symptoms, but gave me restless legs.

Now Elvanse. It works exactly the same. I take 30 mg. I am switched on an hour later and switched off in the evening about 10 -12 hours later. The time span is getting a little longer. But than nothing works anymore. Head and body are deadt tired. I find it a little spooky. I told this to my doctor today ( the GP not the psychiatrist) and he asked me ‘what’s your problem - when I hear your description, you tell me it helps’.

I have a dry moth as well and a headache in the mornings. Had it from the first day. The headache goes away as soon as I take the new Elvanse. This makes me fear it all be difficult to get rid of it, or to get “addicted”. Today was the first time I forgot to take it (because of the problems I described in the other thread) and I was way more sensitive to the outer world. Also my inner Alarm, waking up at 3:00 am worked immediately again. It is middle of the night when I write this.

I am curious where this takes me and very glad we can exchange our experiences.

Love from a place not to far from yours

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Ok first off welcome to the tribe and secondly its common to have a decrease in appetite for the drug class of stimulants which is what Vyvance falls under. However if the decrease in appetite is concerning to you talk to your doctor about it. I think its pretty common with taking Vyvance because I did have a decrease in appetite when I first started but then evetunaully what happens is you understand meal times slightly better becasue you learn how to work on a schedual or know when its a good time to eat a meal or a snack but it varies from person to person


I had a very similar experience. I would say that the higher dose does not necessarily mean it acts longer. I’m on 70 mg and the medication tens to last about 10 hours. I’ve been on doses of 20, 30, 50, 60, and 70 and they all lasted relatively the same. I definitely felt a magical change when I started on the medication, so 20 seemed good when we started.

It is normal but not universal that people have side effects when they first start. The only side effect I had was that for the first two days I had insomnia at night. That resolved quickly. The only other side effect happened at 60 mg when I got very irritable.

Glad you’re finding it works for you! And welcome to the tribe!


Hello KimmeeD,
I’m on Elvanse/Vyvance for almos a week now and I can say that it really helps ME.
I also found a lot of people who don’t really get well with them because they suffer from a lot of sideeffects. I just can say that it really helps me focus with the smallest dosis you can get.
I hope you find something that works for you!

Hello Annamaria,

I had a similar experience with the meds wearing off (but I don’t know if it’s really from the meds or if it was just a rough day).
I can discribe my work as a mixture of architecture, surveying and fire security.
Yesterday me and my boss had to take a trip to a town about 2h by train from Frankfurt to “measure” a building. I took my meds with my breakfast in the train (I told my boss that I take meds but I haven’t told her about my ADHD).

The work went pretty good (even though we had about 32°C and nearly 50°C in the attic - yay sauna for free :hot_face:). I was happy, how well I could focus on my job.

But when we took the train back it was about 18:00. I took my meds at 8 so they were starting to wear off. We sat in the first class of a RE and there was this older man who (in my opinion) wanted some connection/attention but damn I was so fkn tired. He just kept making noises (tipping with his fingers on the table, he snorted and kept playing with his walking stick). I got so irritated that I apologized to my boss and put on my headphones. But I felt bad for my boss so I took them out after a while to “suffer” with her.

After this man finally got off the train there got a young woman (maybe in her 20’s but you can’t really say with her mask on) who started to play music without putting headphones on. It was not that loud but it kept irritating me. My blood was boiling. But I didn’t say a word. I just glared at her from the distance.

So this was my first day “out” when my meds are wearing off.
Not so much fun…
I will see how it works on another field trip on Monday - wish me luck :grimacing:

by the way: may I ask where you com from? If you don’t want to say the town/village maybe you want to tell me if you are coming from the same Bundesland?


Ok. I’m on Adderall for ADHD and just started Lexapro to treat some anxiety. Once I figure out the anxiety part we’re going to rivisit the Adderall. I’m not sure if that means to adjust the Adderall or try other things.

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Well, the reason why me and my doc decided to take elvanse was that it’s a (I think he said) retarded medication (but I think I wrote that in my original post :sweat_smile: ). As far as I know Adderall, Ritalin and Medikinet are “only” working for a short span and they give you a real “high” but also a real “down” if they wear off.

I never heard of Lexapro - maybe it’s a special brand where you life? When I got treated for my anxiety I got Citalopram. Sadly it didn’t work very well - but I think mostly because I forgot to take it :sweat_smile:

I heard from others, that adjusting the dosage of a medication can help with the sideeffects.
Others said that it didn’t help them.
Sometimes it seems a bit like Russian Roulette to find the right medication and dosage.

I do suffer from anxiety too (I got treated for that abot 10years ago). It got better with time (I don’t know how).
My latest “anxiety-attack” was yesterday morning, when I was waiting for my boss at the train station.
I couldn’t remember, if I gave all documents for our business trip to her or if I forgot to and I was supposed to bring them with me.
Well I knew that I gave them to her and that she would’ve noticed if we forgot something (she is very meticulous - without her my whole work stuff would go to chaos :sweat_smile:), but I didn’t know if my head was playing tricks on me.
That bothered me for 30min straight…until I met her and got to asked her.

That was my first anxiety attack in months and I can’t tell you if it was just my kind of “normal” or if it was because of my Elvanse.

I guess time will show.


Lexapro (escitalopram) is very similar to Celexa (citalopram). Essentialy the same kind of medication, just a slightly different structure.

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Hey there,
I have been on medication for 12 years now and I can tell you it is hard to find the perfect dose. I really do like Vyanse because it made me feel the least anxious. The not being hungry is common and since you just started taking it you wont feel hungry because of the stimulate…but bee careful you will soon learn or you might already, when you don’t eat you turn into a monster ready to attack. Protein like chess e also helps the overwhelming feelings when you forget to snack on something. The medication shouldn’t work well upwards of 15 or 12 hrs but it is still in your system, that would just wreck your sleep schedule and probably make side effects worse. Remember to eat and drink water,also be careful with your sleep schedule when taking the medication because its easy to go to sleep later on it, cant even have caffeine after 11 and have to take my meds by 8:30 . hope any of this helps. sorry for the stream of consciousness talk


@GermanShepherd I wish you luck. Yes, it is no fun when they wear off. Today I had to write a funding application… yes. I really want to go to bed than. But today I used loads of coke. It is just so abrupt.
I’m from the same country, but not Hessen.

@callie - yes, I went to bed two hours later the past two days and was dead tired in the morning. I am getting a little aggressive thoughts. Good idea to eat :slight_smile: Didn’t#t eat between 7 am and 7pm today. Don#t worry about the stream :slight_smile:

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the struggle…lol
On days like that where I have to over extend myself, it sometimes takes days to recover and I tend to need my alone time… hope your able to get back on schedule soon :slight_smile:


Do you guys take “days off”? Dαys on which you take no medication in order to relax? My doctor didn’t’t mention, but I read about this practice in the forum.

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I have three days out of my week that I schedule my week to be free, to just chill out and not take medication. I do like taking time off from medication as well

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I haven’t thought about it jet.
The Doc who diagnosed me said I can ask him questions if I have some.
I think I will ask him about this when I notify him how my medication is working.

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Thank you!
But I think I woul’ve found out by a quick google-search.
…but I have to admit I am on of those “ask questions first, then realize you coul’ve done it yourself” type of person :sweat_smile:


Same. My s/o hates it.


You can certainly talk about but be careful since you just got a new therapist I have worried about the doctor thinking im saving some to sell or something. I have been taking stimulates for a while and for a while my dose was too high and I feel like it made my nervous system even more sensitive. I am a sensitive person anyways and take the breaks because I want to give my nervous system a break. I also have drifted from working out which does help tremendously

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From the huge amount of reading I did when I started out on the ADHD diagnosis journey it seems fairly common that people have a profound level of symptom relief for a short period when they start medication. I know I did. And once you settle into it a bit those effects fade. And then starts the game of cat and mouse of trying to find the best combination of drug type, dosage and delivery method (long or short acting and what method it uses to deliver the drug) every one of theses factors when changed even slightly had an impact on how well medication worked and the side effect profile. It took me over a year to get it sorted. Now I have a combination of long and short acting Vyvanse being one of them. But it’s efficacy is rock solid. To the point that I use side effects to remind me to take an afternoon dose. When the meds start to wear off I clench my teeth a little and that annoys me enough to remember to take my meds. It only lasts about 30 mins so if is a low key day I just let it pass and skip the afternoon dose.

As for the crash that is hit and miss for me some days my brain just melts and I struggle to even get my words out other days it’s not even an issue. I am fairly sure it’s tied to how hard my day has been and if I can remember my afternoon dose before the morning dose wears off to much. That dip in the middle with a busy brain looks to be the trigger of a rough crash but I can’t be sure yet it’s something I need to keep an eye on a bit more.

The key point I am trying to make is stimulants are powerful meds and the smallest changes can have big effects. And it’s not just changes in medication but diet sleep and exercise can all give things a nudge in one direction or another. Personally I always say don’t be afraid to try different medications and doses under the close eye of your doctor until you find what works best for you. And give yourself plenty of time between changes to fully settle in to that change. For me it took between a month and 6 weeks for things to fully stabilise when I changed something. A year on and I am finding that I can slightly change the way my medication impacts my day by how strong my morning coffee is but I am fairly sensitive to caffeine in combination with my meds.