for males, the girls you like, personality important

I like the woman with a outgoing, fun, warm personality. Is that an ADHD trait ?

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I think attraction is very individual for people. I think that the challenge with ADHD is the impulsivity and the inconsistency with relationships. There’s lots of posts here on that topic to check out.

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I think ADHD frequently has some affect on what someone looks for when dating, but I think the traits they seek out can vary a lot.

I know some people that specifically want to date someone with an adventurous personality because they want to be able to do adventurous things together.

I have a tendency to be fairly intense, and I gravitate towards people who are laid back (in friendships as well as dating) because it seems to balance out my personality.

My dad (who I suspect has ADHD) and his brothers all married really organized (and really smart) women. Maybe it’s a total coincidence, but definitely with my dad it’s been great for him to have a partner who’s so strong in an area where he isn’t.

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Dr Hallowell sometimes says that ADHD people have a tendency to attract (or be attracted by) “trainwrecks”. Other than that, I don’t think there’s much of a common thread.

My own choices, looking back, seem to be more informed by my introversion than my ADHD. And impulsivity, but that’s not really a “type” thing.

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That’s funny, the last 4 girls i’ve “talked” to or dated, all had some form of emotional dysregulation, 2 had Borderline personality disorder aka emotional dysregulation disorder, 1 had a diagnosis for bipolar disorder (type 1) that was changed to BPD, and one had bipolar disorder type 2. I seriously was about to research if there’s like a statistical predisposition :joy: