For Procrastinators Wait! I must have the wrong forum...Maybe not?


Can anyone identify with this guy?


@Jhook, I can relate to this guy at a deep and personal level, everything he says I can draw parallels to in my own life.
I loved his metaphor and way of explaining how procrastination works, and will definitively add that talk to my youtube favorites (if I can find it tomorrow)


I know right? I started his “Life chart” but now I can’t find it. One more thing.


Thank you so much, I would never have remembered to look for it in the morning to be honest, but now I don’t need to :star_struck:
This is going STRAIGHT to favorites!!!


This TED talk was recommended to me this week and I just watched it. It is fab, really funny and sooooo familiar!

And only yesterday I spent the day in the Dark Playground, so the timing of this is excellent. There’s a blog post which is basically what he later based the TED talk on, and at the bottom is a link to a follow up post about how to reduce your procrastination. And it’s written by someone who knows so it doesn’t do that really irritating thing that ‘helpful’ hearts sometimes do.

I think he may be a Brain, to be honest.

Here’s the link to part 1. You can find part 2 from there as well:
The monkey and the dark playground explained