For Those Days When the Meds Aren't Enough

If you’re on ADHD medication you probably notice that some days the medication doesn’t seem to be as effective, or it’s like the medication doesn’t even work at all. For me, on those days I find that I struggle much like I used to before the diagnosis and before medication was started. So, I end up having to fall back on some strategies that helped me along the way.

Some examples:

  • Planning things and putting them in Google calendar
  • Getting brief exercise like a 5-10 minute walk, especially before starting a chore or a task at work
  • Using stimulation to help focus my brain, such as listening to music while trying to get a work task done
  • Caffeine
  • Self-affirming statements such as “today is harder than other days, but I’ve gotten through this before”
  • Reaching out to supports for validation or even just hugs

What are some of the things you do on days when the medication isn’t enough?


Definitely exsirezie helps out a lot but for me because I am an introvert sometimes just being alone Is enough but when it’s not
going on YouTube or nextflix to watch something. which usually leads down that cycle of watching too much and not getting back to work