Forum & community changes on the horizon

Hi all,

So back in September 2020, we made that update post. There has been a lot of change, most of it revolving around personal life revolving around the community managers, myself and Jessica where our time was needed in our own lives.

Personally, my father was having health problems since March 2020 and right around September 2020 was when I got more involved. ALS was diagnosed in January 2021 and he passed away last week Friday.

I won’t speak on the behalf of others, but life took priority for all of us.

Now we’re gonna look back into this and I’m consolidating my presence into just a key aspects as well as allowing Jessica to move forward with community options she and the team wants to do. We are grateful that people were using this and I didn’t want to shut this down while we didn’t have a replacement.

Thank you all,


Thank you for the update, Scot.

My condolences to you and your family for your father’s passing.


I’m glad you (and everyone involved) were able to and did take time needed for your personal lives. I’m sorry to hear about your family news. I hope you are all doing okay.

And don’t feel you need to rush things for our sake. I think most of the people here on the forum are quite content adding thoughts about “You know you have ADHD when…”


Hello Scot,
Very sorry to hear of your father’s passing. Please accept my deepest condolences to you & yours.

I (and I am sure everyone here) am most grateful to you, Jessica and others on the HowToADHD team for keeping this website alive and providing this support forum.

Looking forward to how this community evolves…
Thank you & Take care!