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Weird intro. I know. xD I can be quirky. Anyway, my name is David. I live in Oklahoma snore in the United States. First, I just wanted to thank you two for a brilliant website and videos. You all may not be doctors but, you two really seem to know your stuff! I know some things as I have a Masters degree in Experimental Psychology although I didn’t focus on that because it would be many years before I knew ADHD was part of me after my daughter was diagnosed. It was a heavily research-based program meant to prepare someone for a Ph.D. program. It’s probably too late now but, that’s another story, I came very close to not graduating because, of my ADHD but, at the very first moment (when a professor finally set a hard deadline), I got it completed. It would have been disastrous since I had a 3.9 GPA. Damn multivariate statistics’ B. Anyway, I digress (I know, a shocker for an ADHDer). After that, I didn’t get letters of recommendation, and the chances of getting into any PhD program was about 10%. There are only 3 programs in OK and there but, the main reason is I have a wonderful 11-year-old daughter who also has ADHD. So, I’m hoping this will be a helpful experience for both of us. With her being my #1 priority and the state not permitting me to get a license to counsel because my degree wasn’t “counseling based”. I thought, Hello! My degree is in P-S-Y-C-H-O-L-O-G-Y. In addition, I took all of the counseling courses, as electives, except for a couple. So, I ended up being underemployed with jobs and pay well below what one would expect with a Masters. I got stuck in dead-end jobs at certain companies answering phones, customer service, and even being a manager of a science store at a mall. I was basically miserable because I was like Jessica’s fish trying to climb a tree. I had to just “wing it” until I started getting close to being fired. Then I would have to reveal I had disabilities (ADHD alone wouldn’t do it but, I have multiple others. ADHD tends to be the most profound. Procrastination, consistency, organizing, being verbose (like here) and making/maintaining friendships tend to be my biggest “opportunities” to work on. I’ve done a great deal of cognitive therapy and meditation with myself and they both help for me. I’m here to help if I can with the disclaimer that I’m not a counselor or doctor. Life, in general, has been very challenging in general. I seem to only be able to do one thing well at a time such as academics, parenting, socializing, etc. My goals, at the moment, are to either write a book or books (maybe one fiction and one non-fiction) or perhaps at least do a blog. If you read this far, I really appreciate it. You passed my test! j/k Anyway, I’m happy that I’ve been given this opportunity to have finally met such a group that seems very helpful. Ok, I’m getting super sleepy (a delayed sleep phase disorder & restless legs syndrome. Again, thank everyone. Laters.


I hate it when you don’t follow the same linear path as everybody else, and get undervalued for it. Doesn’t anybody reward creativity and initiative any more? Isn’t educating yourself a goal, rather than an inconvenient way of getting a job?

Degrees are often just a piece of paper from the cookie cutter. Great to show that you are at least keen on a subject and to give you some foundation building blocks, but not much more than that.

Anyway, a completed degree is when the real education starts. Show me a new graduate, regardless of their path to get to that point, and I’ll show you somebody who needs to forget most of what they know, and re-learn how things actually work in real life.

I just love working with junior engineers. They are never wrong, even when stuff explodes and you have to spend the next three days cleaning up after them.

I once told an engineer, after many futile arguments against their genius plan “Sure. OK, we’ll try it your way. If I can have it in writing that you requested this, and will clean it up personally afterwards.” I got into all kinds of shit, and in the end, had to clean it up myself. And still, the Juniorburger engineer was unfailingly right. It was my own fault for not explaining myself clearly.

Me too. I’ve so far written two halves of two different books (one fiction, one not), and am currently procrastinating a third book. If I procrastinate hard enough, I may even be able to start a fourth and fifth book. The sky is the limit. Hopefully, one day I will have procrastinated through enough books, to have actually finished one.

Cool! Do I get a degree? :wink: