Future teachers don't understand ADHD


I’m studying to become a teacher, and right now I’m struggling (cuz ADD) and I might even quit. But I don’t think, I can. Because my classmates haven’t been taught properly on the aspects of Adhd, we have had the subject of learning disabilities and adhd was covered, but not enough. And in another subject our teacher said it stod all boys have it, which fits in Danish and some of our educators don’t believe in learning disabilities, it’s just bad behavior…
Do you think I can change their mind about this and how?
I wanna make school better place for future generations, than it was for me!




this sounds like a great idea! you should totally take the chance to educate your peers about proper representation of ADD/ADHD, i don’t know if it will make school any easier for future ADD/ADHD generations but it could make the difference for someone down the road!


Wait, wait! All my life I have been trying to educate people on their prejudices, right down to adding ‘gotta be the perfect mother’ stress to ‘new baby’ stress because I am a lesbian and I wanted to prove that “we” are not bad mothers. I only just realised a few weeks ago how utterly daft that was, and that ‘new baby’ is in his early twenties (and actually I wasn’t the perfect mother but I probably wasn’t worse than average, and did lots of good things which I hope balanced out the things I got wrong).

Deep breath.

So, what I am trying to say is: it is not your responsibility to change the entire teacher training culture in Denmark, or even your school.

If you have lots of reasons for continuing your training for you then you may want to consider joining some kind of student feedback panel or committee if you decide to invest the time and energy tbis would cost.

But you are also totally allowed to decide this is not for you, and change your career path.

This does not even rule out your trying to change the system. You can write to your teachers, your college, your newspaper, your government and tell them why they should look at the more up to date and accurate resources you are showing them.

I am not actually telling you you shouldn’t try to save the world, but I am asking you to take care of yourself first. If this course is not for you, please don’t put yourself through the agony of dragging it out.

Good Luck! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Try to take care of yourself and not burn out. But children need teachers who understand their struggles. And some teachers need to get firedel.




I am a future teacher to and I slipped adhd into every conversation with another educator every chance I can. So u might want to try it to I find a lot of other educators are curious about adhd and will talk. Another thing u might try is asking if u can do a presentation on adhd. Last thing ADDuied .com “I probably spelled that wrong” had an iceberg information Poster for educators try handing it out