Gaining Confidence with the scarry A word

I know people on the forum and in real life struggle with confidence and their accommodations. This is what I tend to help my confidence even though I never struggled with the use of my accommodations, but my battle tends to be with self-acceptance; that’s another topic and story for the latter. back on track the scary a word aka accommodations :fearful: don’t have to be so scary. Realize these accommodations are only there to help you reach your full potential as a student that everyone around us can see. So when you use your accommodations in school thank your teachers. 1. thanking your teachers allows us the students see that accommodations help us be the successful student we know we can be and 2. thanking your teachers allows the teachers to become better teachers and learn that when a student asks for an accommodation it to show to everyone around them including themselves that they are the successful student. Giving thanks gives everyone involved a quarter that is special and motivates all to reach for higher success.


Since I wasn’t diagnosed until after college and graduate school I never got to take advantage of accommodations. So, for those who are able to get them I would highly recommend them. I used to work in colleges and the majority of people there are committed to students being successful. They don’t look down on asking for what you need, and it’s actually a great sign when you’re proactive about your academics or personal needs. So, I’d echo what you said and encourage everyone to take advantage of the extra supports that are there!

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