Games for resting your brain

So I am in a very streesful time in my studying. And untill I found ‘How to ADHD’ on youtube I tried to study all day every day, and got very little done and pretty burned out…
So I started giving myself more breaks and some fun and personal time, and I wondwered about games (specifically on the phone or computer):

  • Is there a specific kind of games that gives the brain more relax time? as in helping the brain get what he needs so you can feel more effective when you go back to work…
  • Are there games kinds that are less helpful and adding more stress or overload to our brains?
  • Are there games that helps us work on habits that we need to work on as ADHDers?

What kind of games do you play on your break times? Can you tell if they help or not?

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…these are my answers to your questions. At least I have not found any.
I believe computer and phone are not the tools to real my brain.
Tried a million times.

Maybe someone else has a different answer.

Take care, Annamaria

Doing something productive helped me in my breaks when I was still studying. But something that involves physical movement.


Games like home decor and color matching games are relaxing. Some video games might be too. Gives you that break of studying on something for long periods and just something to kick back and have fun with.

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Dance party or dance revolution might work if u are looking for.excercise

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I think that when thinking about games in terms of resing your brain, you might want to look for something that isn’t overstimulating, doesn’t make you think have to think too much, and is engaging enough to get your mind off of your work/studies/problems. I find gentle yoga effective in this case, but if you want something on your phone that gives you a brain break without an overly addicting reward system, I’ve found some comfort from wind down apps that are generally meant to help prepare the mind for sleep, but we need those brain breaks more often to be able to feel refreshed.

If I’m looking to my phone for something to do for a short while (will never take more than 30 minutes)
I use a sleep app called ‘loona’ and sometimes use it midday, and usually as part of a night-time routine after I jot down some things I would like to get done the next day.

Try some different things and figure out what helps your mind settle and doesn’t draw you in too much because whatever method you are using, giving your mind some time to drop everything that’s going on lets you come back to a task or start a task with a refreshed perspective.

At least that’s what I think. :upside_down_face:
Good luck!

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So, a bit late to the party but I’ve found that non timed games with very simple logic are the best for when I need to rest for my brain.

For example, now I’m playing “zen match” (maejhong/match-3/decoration) and “zhed” (number puzzles) in my android phone. Both are non timed with very simple rules and short puzzles so you don’t spend 3 hours one the same try of the same puzzle.

Other that I like a lot is “I love Hue”, is a puzzle app where the puzzle is a color spectrum that you need to fill. Super relaxing, very appealing visually, nice learning curve. The only problem is that because is color based you need good light to play it.