Gaming laptop suggestions? :D

I love taking suggestions on gaming laptops from people that generally know a bit more about that stuff than I do. I know some basics, but I love getting other people’s perspectives just in case they know something that I don’t!

I’m hoping to be in the market of buying a new laptop in the next few months and want to start looking now, just to see how much I need to save, roughly. My current laptop still does well enough for most things but it really doesn’t like things like Fallout 4, or Dishonored 2. It doesn’t load them in. And it will spazz out before I finally get it to shut down the program, heh. But it does Fallout NV just fine, Dishonored just fine, Doom 2016 just fine, etc.

That and the internet goes in and out no matter what I’m using. Wifi? Wifi drops. Ethernet? Drops connection randomly but will connect to wifi for some reason. Heh. Plus it’s a couple years old around and I run things into the ground. Because… well I just do. >.> Not intentionally.

ANYWAY, I’m looking for a laptop that will play pretty much anything I want- or as “anything” as I can get! Brands and spec suggestions are very much welcomed! And needed. :sweat_smile:

Desktop is out of the question?

Unfortunately, yes. I tend to house sit throughout the year, sometimes it’s over night, sometimes it’s for a week, and I travel a touch for business as well, need something to bring with me on travels so I don’t get super bored. (I also game withdrawal :joy: :sweat_smile:)

Makes sense. I like the price and ability to upgrade desktops, but I don’t really do much remote. I have a laptop that I rarely touch.

I don’t know much about gaming laptops except they’re $$$.

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Yeah, believe me, desktop would be my go to if I didn’t have the tendency to travel. I much prefer the power of a desktop, plus the upgradability. But alas. not in the cards, right now. D: And yeah laptops can get pricey. >.<;

I don’t know any particular models to suggest, except that Alienware tends to be a little bit on the more expensive than it should be ‘because we have a reputation’ type thing.

However, my advice would be to look for the 10xx series of Nvidia mobile GPUs. Anything older will struggle with modern gaming, or even games from like 4 or 5 years ago. And pbviously integrated graphics won’t deal very well with things like Fallout 4 or Dishonored 2. Or even just watching a 4k video lol. I think ASUS males decent gaming laptops, and I’m not sure about MSI but they can be somewhat affordable at the lower end.

One laptop I’ve always wanted in the Gigabyte Aero 14 but alas, limited availability is a problem for that one and its more focused on being a lightweight ultrabook capable of gaming rather than a laptop for gaming that can be moved but might be a little heavy to carry all day.

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I actually have an MSI right now! Ahahaha, I really loved it, but the internet has always been an issue with it, it hated new wifi connections, and now the internet just drops out… randomly… be it wired or wifi. :woman_shrugging: And yeah Alienware would be fun to have but definitely not into brands that are super pricey just because of reputation (looking at you, Apple).

Thanks for the graphics card reminder! I need to add that to my list of specs to remember. I knew I was forgetting something ridiculously important :joy: I will definitely look into ASUS, I do like them! My MSI actually did play Fallout 4 decently when it came out, and it played Dishonored 2, but it has aged since then and I think things are just… dying from a mixture of aging and heat. (I have a cooling pad with fans but that’ll only do so much, heh). But MSI is expensive and I probably won’t be getting as much from taxes as I did when I got the MSI. Plus it’s heavy. I love it. I don’t mind the weight usually but something a touch lighter WOULD be nice… but that’s less of a priority. If a laptop looks freaking awesome and affordable but weights like a brick, I’ll probably still consider it :smiley:

Thanks for the insight, @cyborgkat!

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Well, I assume you can find TV’s wherever you travel (other than on transport, etc), so why not consider a small form-factor desktop. It won’t game hard, but you can get pretty decent output from them. Let me see if I can find a video of what I mean. But they’re usually also a bit pricey.

(After the intro there’s an ad that ends at 1:40.:sweat_smile:)

He also has instructional videos and educational videos if you want to build your own, but this is the general form factor I’m thinking you could bring with you if you’re house sitting, that would give you great gaming capabilities, while still fitting inside a bag you can bring with you.:sweat_smile:

I avoid MSI like the plague. I had a terrible experience with them when I bought my first ever laptop. I got a virus and had to reinstall the operating system only to find out the driver disk I had been provided was outdated. Worse yet, I was locked out of the MSI download site because I hadn’t registered my laptop by mail 90 days after purchase. My laptop never recovered and I eventually stomped it to death out of frustration a year later.

I would personally look into Alienware (Dell) or ROG Strix (ASUS) laptops. Those seem to be pretty reliable quality, though they can be expensive.

would that be a portable setup or one you can move around and what is the price range that you think would be fine (i will put suggestions after you are able to awnser these questions

One way you could have saved it is pluged the hard drive or ssd into another computer, and than just completly reformat the drive and wipe all of the partitions so all there crap software is out of there, and then you could download the newest bios revision of the website, but make it look like you just got a new motherboard, instead of completly avoiding there warrenty

Closing the thread because I actually ended up with a proper desktop instead. :sweat_smile:
Then got a Galaxy tablet for any travels. :woman_shrugging:

Thanks all for the suggestions though!
I forgot this was still opening too whoops

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