Getting Fired. :(

I have a history of working jobs for a few years, having difficulty focusing, and then getting fired. like every 1.5 to 2 years I am in this cycle. New job is stimulating, get bored, cant focus and fired. Anyone else have this happening to them. I just got fired and realized ive been like this for 10 years now. Self-awareness feels new to me on this stuff, so I am thankful for it but yeah. Anyone else having gone through this or if they have, how they have worked to get out of the cycle?

Thanks for giving this a read


I’m only 19 years but I have that pattern too. Bc of ADHD I’ve been sent away a lot. I have a job now which I struggle with a lot. I love it, but it’s hard for me to do with my focussing issues. On this one I’ll be going away myself searching for another job.

The sad part about ADHD is that you can’t see it. That leaves people unable to understand it.


Hi i’m Jack 14 years old so i don’t have a job but i do the same thing with sports but i wish you luck and It would be nice to hear how you are from time to time if you don’t mind. But yes i can relate as close to as a 14 year old with sports to an adult with a job. @tresbon


One of my many nicknames is Sunspot, which kinda lines up with my carreer so far having had 3 major moves in 33 years again. At the moment trying really hard to work out what skills I have that keep me interested (programming seems to be one of them) and coming up with a plan to get them razor sharp, whilst not worrying too much about my deficiencies like form filling skills (even if it only has a signature, name and date field I seem to mess it up).

I’ve also accepted that I’ll do things away from work that satisfy me: I’ve made some really nice benches out of wood in the last few years, only to pile them with stuff, and never get to use them for any projects.

Perhaps the need to keep moving will prove to be an asset, I like what @Bubbles17 said: start making plans to actually change jobs on your terms. I’m a big fan of ‘what should I try next? who would I like to work with?’ at least that way you’re giving yourself some hope and agency in the inevitable transition.


I agree with you. As long as the money is there to provide yourself from breakfast every morning I don’t really worry about work too much. And I also don’t care what people think. You just have to discover what suits you and what you like best. And for some people, in this case most brains, they’ll always keep jumping because they get bored easily. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s just the best to recognize your own patterns and hop off the train before they send you off. That way it won’t look bad


I only worked on hired jobs two times. I wasn’t fired, but i was bored to the point of going out by myself.

Life gets more interesting if you are constantly learning. Instead of boring everyday money earning to have something to spend, why not learn how to make stuff yourself? Cook your meals, sew your clothes, even build your house, why not?
Of course you need some money for ingredients, but there are part-time, or one-time jobs for that.

I need to clarify that i live in a country with quite cheap labor price and high inequality, and it really punishes you for commitment to something - your university dictates you what to do and what not to do, your employer does, every worm with tiniest bit of power over you tries to, etc.
If you don’t, then probably doing a job is WAY more efficient way to live, but here it is roughly the same, but DIY is way more interesting and less tying your hands.