Getting Married at 37


Realizing how much ADD effects friendships and guessing I haven’t been a good friend to most… even my extended family is quiet when it comes to me getting married. I mean I’m offering a party with free food and booze and not expecting any gifts, cause I’m 37… and my side of the wedding is slim pickings… I want to be a good friend, but the combination of ADD and being an introvert makes it hard.

Just kind of venting and feeling sorry for myself and can’t really talk to those around me because I don’t want pity… I guess I’m just glad that my immediate family has always had my back, my kids love me, and my fiance loves me through this madness that I don’t want.


Focus on the people who do care about you! Sounds like you still have many people in your life who love you.
Quality over quantity, right? :wink:

I often compare the amount of friends I have to others I know too, but have to remind myself that it’s better to have a few people in your life who really love you and who you have genuine connections with, than a 100 “close friends” who you would barely get to connect with in any meaningful way…

I hope that helps in some way.

And congratulations on getting married!! :slight_smile:


It was the same for my wedding, I wish I was better at keeping friendships going but I’ve realised that what’s most important for me is my wife and kids, I’d be completely lost without them.
One thing that has helped me is to accept and be comfortable with the fact that I am more of an introvert, there is a certain amount of pressure within society to be an extrovert, but this is just wrong.
Everyone has there own personal level of introversion - extrovertion and it’s just a case of finding your own level you feel comfortable with and to not try and live up to the expectation of others.