Getting Overwhelmed at Work and struggling to delegate tasks


I have a great job that I really like (most days). It can be high paced with levels of stress and deadline urgency that feeds my “work well under pressure” side. I have been with this company for over 16 years. Which I attribute to the ever-evolving and sometimes frantic pace.

I REALLY struggle with delegating tasks to my assistant. I LOVE having help but deciding what to let someone else help with is very difficult for me. I tend to just ask for help with tasks I don’t like, returning phone calls that I don’t HAVE to be the one to assist, e-mails that aren’t directly tied to my exact role that I know will require back and forth. Those kinds of things. Others in my organization give much more to their assistants, which makes their workload lighter.

Any suggestions on how to get past this and delegate more?



I totally get this. I have a hard enough time delegating tasks to myself, let alone another human being! Managing others has definitely been a struggle for me, and I often end up doing most of it myself.

For me, decisions come more easily when I consider another person’s well-being rather than my own. That may sound silly… it’s hard to state exactly what I want or need, but helping someone else, AND helping myself at the same time? Well that’s just perfect. So try asking yourself— what is your assistant interested in? What would help them move forward and gain new skills? What type of work do they enjoy? What tasks were you given when you started your job that you enjoyed and felt accomplished after completing? If you want to go a step further, sort your tasks into categories, and ask you’re assistant what intrigues them. Then see which things on your plate might fit the mold. In that way, you’re actually presenting them with an opportunity.

Don’t know if this will help, but shifting the perspective has been a useful tool for me. In my experience, communication is key in professional relationships. Good luck! You’ll make it work!