Getting referred

Hi, brains!

I have finally managed to start my process for getting assessed.

I’ve spoken with my friend who got assessed a few years back but had a very different experience to me, and I was just wondering what everyone else’s experiences have been like.

Mine so far has been:

  • I contacted my doctor to whom I had to send a write up of my symptoms, etc.
  • They referred me for NHS funding for assessment
  • Me and someone who knows me had to fill out a bunch of paperwork about me and send it back
  • I think I now need to wait and hear back if I have been approved for funding and assessment, and the assessment waiting list can be around 18 months

What was your experiences and process like for getting assessed?


Hi! That’s fantastic, way to go! :partying_face:

My process: I went to the GP, told them I thought I had ADHD and they had me do a questionnaire. They then referred me but said it would be at least a 2 year wait. I looked online and found that you can get NHS funding for a private referral and get seen much quicker, unfortunately when I went back to my GP they didn’t even bother asking the funding people they just said no :frowning: I didn’t want to wait 2 years so went the private route and paid myself. Expensive but worth it for me!

If you fancy trying applying to your GP for private funding I can post the link if you like, worth a try 🤷 (unless that’s what they’re already trying with this applying for funding thing? Otherwise I’m not really sure what that part means?)

Either way, well done!

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If you live in England your gp has to refer you for a private assessment if you request it, providing the private clinic you request to be referred too works with the NHS, it is a legal requirement for them to do it.
It is called “right to choose” and does not require funding to be approved.
Basically once referred the private clinic will ensure they get there money.
I was assessed within weeks of being referred and did not have to pay anything.

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I learned I had ADHD in February 2020.

I looked at psychiatrists. It was over 2 years , more like 3 years .

I live in Surrey.

I contacted many psychiatrists.

Many would not assess me because of having dyspraxia and / or aspergers traits.

I found a psychiatrist in Birmingham. He saw me face to face . He telephoned me.

I started medication, Concetra.

It was titrated up to 54mg.

I can get an NHS medication for Concetra .

The NHS will give me an assessment early next year for my neurodiversity.

I will be aged 44, the options are limited in life.

The four sessions were done online
It is a bit harder . I have gained weight but it can be lost .

The GP never took an interest in my neurodiversity.

I believe mental health is very poor in the UK.

Good luck !

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