Getting Worse Since Diagnosis


Hello Brains.

Not sure if this should be here or in the introductions section so I’ll leave it here for now.

Recently diagnosed (in the UK incredibly) at the age of 67-better late than never I guess. After 3 years of waiting, lost paperwork, a couple of appointments and a QB Test it was finally confirmed that I have inattentive ADHD with a little impulsivity (they should see my orders on Amazon :grin:). Anyway, my question for everybody here is: Did you feel better/act better after you were diagnosed?

During the process of testing and appointments (which were only basically confirming what I’ve known for a few years), I could feel myself coping less and less. I am still waiting for meds to be prescribed-slowed down by letters being misplaced or ignored and now it feels like a real struggle. My partner is no help (I think she’s a Brain too but that’s another story) so any tips while I am waiting for my meds-if they prescribe me any?

Thanks for reading.


I can relate I think overall having your diagnosis is better than not having it but I think being fully aware of it can make it worse for awhile. When I got diagnosed with OCD and ADHD I had a lot more trouble figuring out which was which and I kinda gave up for awhile because it was just frustrating. It seemed like knowing made me more aware of every time something happened because of it. But after some time and a good amount of separating it out I felt like I could do things I couldn’t do before (like taking my OCD meds everyday and brushing my teeth regularly) . I think it just takes some time to get your head readjusted after being diagnosed, then it’ll become easier. I’d say just try to be a little more aware than you usually are, write things down you don’t want to forget, try and pay a little more attention than usual. I get that it’s hard but trust me it’ll get easier and better and once you find the meds that fit you it’ll be even easier. ^^


For me things got worse before they got better, yes.

Hang in there!

And people are living longer and longer - you may still have decades to take advantage of your new self-knowledge and the coping skills you are about to acquire!

Enjoy :grinning:

(I am pretty old too, by the way. Not yet fifty, but that’s also a fairly late diagnosis.)


At least you didn’t leave it in the fridge with your car keys.

Another one! Join the club. Although you have a few more kilometers under your belt than I do. I’m 50 now, diagnosed a few months back.

I’m all over eBay. The king of the frivolous purchase. I walked down the street one time, bored and purposeless, and came back with a $3000 coffee machine. Great coffee. But really??? Similar to how I bought my house. And my ex-wife.

Don’t expect a miracle cure, and you won’t be disappointed.

I found that I built up the idea of meds while I was waiting for mine, and was happy to ride the wave of hope and happiness that took me to the pharmacy to finally pick them up a month or so later.

While I knew that they weren’t going to fix everything in a second, I’d built myself up for a fall. And I fell.

I need to see the quack about an alternative maybe, but as part of the fall-out from my emotions running high, then low, I lost my job and can’t afford it now.

I also found that being on the meds added complications that I didn’t fully contemplate.

Now I have the option of ticking the “disability” box on forms if I choose to. As much as it’s a kick in the guts, there are some organisations which treat that as a positive discrimination thing (by lip service at least).

The other side of that Damocles sword is the fact that I now have to declare my medication, and the reason I’m on it to employers. I work in a high risk, major hazard environment, and I get tested for drugs and alcohol.

From conversations I’ve had with the HR Johnnies, I figure that I’ve cut down my employment options to roughly half of what they were the day before my diagnosis.

Be prepared to explain to others about ADHD, and watch them size you up. Many will write you off from that moment on. Others will just be neutrally ignorant. This forum is the only place I’ve found where you will not be judged or misunderstood.

My life changed in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways after I found ADHD. It’s still early days, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get it together a little better over time.

The best of British luck to you!


Thanks for the replies-it’s so good to be among people who ‘get it’ and are non judgemental. If only we were that understanding to ourselves.

I am hopeful that meds may improve things, however, I’m not anticipating a miracle cure. Some occassional relief from the stress would be good though :slight_smile:

I like this place already.


Good luck to you Rob.

Everybody deserves at least a little bit of relief from the pain and negativity in life sometimes, and for ADHDers, we get so little respite from it all that a place like this can make a real difference in quality of life.

So give the meds a try. I’m sure you will get some benefit from them, but you’ll never know what form that will take until you’re on them.

Many people say that it can be like putting on a pair of glasses for the first time. I didn’t really get that reaction.

But they definitely have had some effect. I just need to maybe tweak it a little, or a lot.

Also, ADHD tends to attract other disorders such as depression, anxiety, autism. And they may affect how your treatment works as well.


For me it was knowing there was an explanation (other than a judgmental one) for my behavior that was a huge relief. And knowing there are a lot of people like me made me feel less alone. And communities like this help. I can’t take drugs so I have to continue using other coping mechanisms. My ex-wife and friends/family don’t quite get it but I can live with that. Above all, this explanation helped me stop beating myself up – self-judgement is the worst thing we can do.

But at the same time we have to continue dealing with the symptoms. But this knowledge does help me develop more skills for that.

Best of luck to you (and everyone else here)!