Giving games a go


So after doing a bunch of reading it seems that gaming gives brains a bit of relief/entertainment/ engagement.

I am not really a gamer last game I ever really played a heap was Wonder Boy and Alex Kid on Sega Master System. I am looking for games that I can play on my iPad.

So throw some ideas at me and maybe a brief discription of what its like.



Kingdom rush are by far the best games I’ve played on the iPad.

They are fully developed tower defense games with a lot of small details and awesome design. Highly recommend the first 3 (haven’t tried the new one yet)


I am unfamiliar with the games you listed, but give “Kingdom: New Lands” a shot. I think its about $10, but I have been playing the heck out of it.

Basically, you are a monarch (swaps between King and Queen as each run starts) trying to build up the land (turns out its an island) and rebuild a wrecked boat to escape with an entourage … to land on the next island…
You collect gold coins, use a coin to recruit a vagrant into a peasant, who now looks for a tool to perform a job. Coins are used to buy tools as you upgrade your camp/village/castle, more tool types unlock as your camp upgrades.
A bow (two coin) is used for Archers, who hunt during the day (bunnies are 1 coin, deer are 3), and defend from the Greed (evil little things) that come out at night in progressively higher numbers and difficulty.
Hammers (3 coins) get you a builder, who will chop down trees (cost 1 coin, returns 1 coin with a chance of a second one) and build up your walls and defensive towers.
Scythes (4 coins) get you farmers, who slowly grow crops and return … eh… 6 coins per crop?

I could get into more detail… but wheres the fun in that?

Three commands… Left, Right, Use. Thats it. It is a side scrolling thing, so you only move left and right, and Use is either dropping a coin (for a peasant to pick up as an extra life or to recruit), or a long press/series of taps to use for the buying of tools and queuing up woodcutting etc.

I highly recommend this game. Played it on PC for months, finally got it on my android phone cause… I like.

A lets play!


Ok I like kingdoms: New lands. I’ve played a lot


Excited for Two Crowns to come out on the 11th. Might even be able to play with my wifey!


I play forge of empires. I’ve played for about two years. It’s a combo city building, civ advancing, strategic battle game. You can decide if you want to focus on fighting or gathering resources. you join guilds to get even more benefits.

I’ve been getting a little bored with it lately. I’m taking a break. Hope to get back into it afer a little break.

I also really enjoyed Don’t Starve. But I got so frustrated with how difficult it was to get past a certain point (i.e. surviving winter.) I haven’t played in a while because of that. It seems like there’s a lot of discovery and exciting content at higher levels, but I just can’t get there.

My favorite games are by far RPGs, like Final Fantasy, but there hasn’t been an enjoyable console FF since FFX-2. I love the stories and the cinematics. So any games with a story, whre I have to play to the end to find out what happens, will almost always keep my attention, as long as they don’t get impossible to play.


Don’t starve is good.

I’m playing a lot the binding of isaac


It is your fault I impulsively bought Kingdoms: New Lands and stayed up till midnight playing it in bed. :wink:


There is a game on a website called cool maths games. Just type in coolmathsgames into your search tab, and then just play the games you like! My personal favorite is 2048. :blush: Have fun!


I may have been playing until 2am last night… Freaking skull island, man…