Going to work when you don’t want to


I am currently in the process of getting a diagnosis for ADHD, so clearly inattention and impulsivity are an issue with me. I am an instructional aid for special education in a high school, I’ve been there for over 2 years now (longest job I’ve ever held, yay me!) but this year has been so much worse for me lately in terms of not being able to handle behaviors from my students and more so not being able to get myself motivated to get there every day. I like my job for the most part but most days it is just easier to call out and stay home doing nothing at all. Does anyone else deal with this? I feel like I am on the verge of being fired if I can’t get my act together like yesterday. I have come up with the idea of giving myself $10 per day (into my savings account) for every day I get to work, and subtracting that same amount if I don’t go and that is the only money I get to spend on “wants”. I’m not sure if it will work though. So my question that I need support in is: if you struggle getting to work, what things do you do to make sure you get there every day? Thank you so much for just taking the time to read this!


Wow, sounds like a great plan to be honest!

The things that habe helped me in the past also include putting all clothes and work gear ready the night before, to avoid having to face that in the morning as well. This helps me even for a job I like, but it’s more like an absolute necessity with a job I hate.

Also, honestly? I handed in my notice. That was the biggest of my two jobs, and like a gift from the god my other boss offered me extra hours the same day!

But is your job more fixable than that? In a previous job where I was struggling, they gave me a coach, which really helped. Might that be possible? Or peer support?


@Lustforlife thank you SO much for replying. I think laying all of my clothes out the night before might help too, thank you for suggesting that. I can’t really leave my current job right now but I have been looking into new ones. Being that it is a high school I’m sure they could support my needs, I’m waiting until I have an actual diagnosis before I even approach them to ask though. I am asking my boyfriend to hold me accountable to get up and out the door in the morning and my mom to make sure I call her every morning to the same time to check in and if I don’t to call me by a certain time to make sure I went to work.


I found this old thread as I’m struggling with the same thing currently! How did it go in the end @WendyWreckage ? Did you find some solutions that worked for you? :slight_smile: