Good but not Enough

Hey… I am back from a long break… Sorry if I was not that active on the forum.

Last August 24 (23 in the US), I started my online classes. It was very interesting at the start because of all the people talking at the same time making it hard to understand :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:. I was also able to finish all my needed requirements ahead of the deadline.

The only problem is that I loose interest and get bored easily when there is nothing being said or the lesson was (I am sorry…) boring for me. My parents also scolded me (but not much anymore) for using the computer or cellphone for other things when free time in between classes.

How can I stay focused in classes even if the discussion is not that dopamine stimulating???


Hello there.
I don’t really see trouble in this. This is natural for me to lose interest quickly. If you were interested enough to get to your local deadlines in time, then there’s no trouble at all in my opinion.
You probably don’t need to fight with your brain, it’s just exhausting to try to make it work the way it’s not supposed to. If the topic is really important to you, it’s probably better to just rest for some time, and then you get back to it naturally, because it’s still interesting in long term, or because it opens up interesting roads.
Eliminating distractions probably helps a bit too.
That’s just my opinion. I really wasn’t the best possible student, but i guess there are other ways to live a life, mine being one of them.

Free time is called free time for a reason, don’t you think so? :slight_smile:


I sometimes try to help stay connected by doodling, playing on my phone, or trying to take breaks if possible to get up and walk or stretch. It doesn’t always work, but those are some things I’ve tried to do.

I also found that it’s easier to focus and stay engaged in class if I get a good night of sleep before. Sometimes my brain feels like it has more mental reserves if I’ve gotten 8 hours or more.


I think it must be hard to stay focused with virtual classes. I certainly do not know, but are the subjects / field . . . interesting and stimulating to you (even though the method is virtual)?

I’ve mentioned it a number of times here . . . That my son took seven years and three colleges to finally finish. It wasn’t until he found his passion . . . computer engineering . . . mostly because of challenging problems and his newly discovered love of calculus and “Diffy Q”! (certainly above my pay grade)!

Just some thoughts . . .

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I also lose interest during class and space out but are you allowed to bring some sort of figet in to class weather that is a figet cube or some other figets discussed on the HowtoADHD channel. Figets when i am alowed to use them help me focus a lot.

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Hi Cadence Mercado,

I know that very well, I have it with online classes, but I also had it all my time at university. What I did at university was, just writing notes with pen and paper. Like pinning down everything down almost word for word, It just kept my brain on the topic having it run through my hand. Also, it really sticked to my mind than. I never did anything with that notes, just dumped them afterwards.
Doodeling helps me to, but sometimes I just get lost in my lovely doodles. What also helps, even though I don#t like it, is doing something else with my hands. Like knitting, crocheting, pulling those little bumps off from wool sweaters, peeling apples, Prepaing templates, preparing my bullet journal, sharpening pencils, cleaning wax of a candle holder, sanding some paint of something. It is up to if I need to have the camera on. Sometimes I even do dishes or stuff while being in an important conference. you just have to make sure, you turn off your microphone :slight_smile: Some little taks which doesn’t involve my brain, just my hands. It actually helps me focus on what is beint said. I actually prepare a taks before a conference. Like have potatoes ready and peel them under the table. Sometimes it also amuses me, that people think I am just listening and I am doing something stupid like peeling potatoes. It gives that little extra challenge to do it unnoticed and stay focused at the same time. :slight_smile:

Or I clean up my email account. Not reading just dumping old emails.

Hope that helps.


Not sure now with virtual classes, but I used to draw or fidget a lot to try and keep my focus on what the teacher was talking about, it was hard to keep up specially if I already understood the topic he was still explaining (so it was utterly boring), or it was something that I should just end up memorizing for the test because there wasn’t really anything to understand, I usually tried to feel the “free time” doing homework in class (so I had free time at home) or trying to take notes on the important stuff that I should try to memorize to study later on.

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