Good morning/afternoon/evening

Thank you all for this forum and for your insights. :grinning:
I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and I have been on stimulant medication. I feel for the first time in my life my brain is calm.
The “HowToADHD” videos are so informative.
My aha moment is the video on Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria—I believe I spent my entire life avoiding the feelings of RSD.
Again thank you for this community.
I look forward to see it evolve regardless of the platform.


@roojem -

Welcome. A pleasure to welcome you to our lovely community. Glad you found us.

I can relate to your experience, although I am a bit older than you. I just turned 75 and was diagnosed about 20 years ago. I suspected that there had to be an explanation for my struggles, it just took me a while to realize it. By the time I finally got evaluated my son was 20 yrs. old. He was diagnosed with ADHD before his fifth birthday.

So you can see that the Apple did not fall far from the Tree!

In any event, I hope to hear more from you and trust that you will get more good things from being here.



Thank you Barry!


Hello, and welcome to the HowToADHD forums @roojem !

You signed your initial post as “Ruby”. Fun factoid: that was my great-grandma’s name. (I haven’t met very many people named Ruby, but right now I have a coworker with the same name.)

Awesome! I only know a couple of Rubys’ and some spell their names Rubi
It’s interesting how names cycle through. I’m hearing Ruby often in shows and reading books.
I go by Roo but Ruby works as well
Or “A girl has no name” Arya Stark

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My 19-year-old son is a fan of the anime-style cartoon RWBY (pronounced “Ruby”), so until he moved out a couple of weeks ago, I was hearing that name somewhat regularly.

My two youngest kids (now 9 and 7) used to watch a cartoon called “Max and Ruby” about polite, well-meaning brother and sister bunny rabbits. So, I’ve heard your name more in the last 5 years than I have in all the rest of my life!

Now, going by “Roo”…I think that’s cool!

It’s a pleasure to make your (virtual) acquaintance, Roo!

*Wikipedia says: “The name RWBY is derived from the four main characters’ forenames: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang.”


Yes! I heard about RWBY years ago. I need to watch that. Thanks I will add it to my queue.
I’m watching “ Hawkeye” on Disney
So good just so good.

Roo :grin:

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Well, apparently I remembered my coworker’s name wrong. She’s a “Ruth”, not a “Ruby”. (I mistakenly called her Ruby this morning, but I was just quiet enough and wearing a mask over my mouth, so maybe she didn’t notice.)

But I do know for certain that my great-grandma’s name was Ruby. A family story that my mom told me is that me grampa (my mom’s dad, Ruby’s son) gave his mother a ruby ring (which got passed down to my mom).

  • My grampa had a reputation for being a miser with his money, so the rare extravagant gift that he gave anyone was always a notable story. He described himself as a real grouch, but apparently he was a Mama’s Boy. :family_woman_boy:

Haha nice! She didn’t hear it.

What do you when forget someone’s name and you are wearing a mask. I guess you really lower voice and make some kinda of sound in attempt or ask them each day for them name.
If I don’t right it down I’m lost.

Your stories awesome
Thank you for sharing.


Years ago my wife and I were in Philadelphia. Crossing the street, directly toward us, we’re 3 ladies who worked with me once a month for 5 years as volunteers for the mental health agency where I was employed. I had about 5 seconds to remember their names [RIGHT!!!].

My mind jumped into hyper-drive and when face-to-face I said: “Hi, so nice to see you all . . . allow me to introduce my wife Meryl” . . .

Then as proper etiquette would have it, they followed by each introducing themselves [by name!].

I was much relieved!


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That’s smooth. Nice save!