Good morning, brains!

I just turned 45 and I got my ADHD diagnosis last year for reals. Nothing like moving into a new career as a content creator and writer to bring up all the issues with attention and focus. Software tech support is a great job for ADHD brains, 5 minute context switches with an interrupt driven workflow is perfect for short attention spans. Researching and writing a 1000 word blog post, however… Let’s just say it’s been a struggle. Add in a healthy dose of anxiety and depression, a recent divorce, money issues from that divorce, and taking up sobriety for some silly reason and you have me! I’m glad I found yall and I can’t wait to steal all of your tips and tricks.


Hello Fenris! Welcome!

That sounds like it’s been one heck of a year for you. Though congratulations on the choice of sobriety - we’re here to cheer you on, and totally here to help you with the ADHD stuff too. :smiley: We will gladly let our tips and stricks be ‘stolen’ by ya! :grin:

Hey there man! I hope you’re still around. I’m curious how you did in IT? Up until recently I was a video editor and animator, which is good for the brain, but sometimes filming a conference would be way better if the Hulk showed up. So even that was sometimes difficult. I’m starting a transition into IT and would like to have some insight on the ups and downs of brains in the technology forest.
Thanks and be well.

Heya! I’m still around and kicking in IT.

Honestly, different IT jobs are better for brains than others. I was in Tech Support (as a tech and a manager) for 20 years, and that job is perfect for a brain. Every 5 minutes there is a different task, a different fire to put out, a different issue to manage. It was the best. You know how we say ADHD is like having a browser open with a million tabs all the time? My browser was actually like that IRL! I could flip between things so fast. I was exhausted at the end of the day, but I was good at my job because multi-tasking and context switching is natural.

I changed jobs and now I write blogs and other content for a living. It’s much different to sit down and work on one thing for hours at a time. It can be really tough to focus that long. So I had to learn to take breaks without getting caught up in other things, move to different tasks when I was stuck (instead of surfing the web) and going for a walk when I needed to reset my brain.

What kind of IT job are you looking into? I might be able to help out more if I knew what kind of work you are going to do.

Be well!

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Hey thanks for the reply. I’m currently enrolled to get an IT certificate from the local school here in Florida. The first two classes are Network essentials and software. The network class can get me a shot at the Network + cert at the end of the semester. So I’m thinking networking, I’ve done coding and it’s cool for a little bit but this brain wants what you described, different things all the time. So any insight you have would be appreciated from one brain to another. Be well.