Good news I'm pregnant

Hi all;
I wanted to share this great news with you, though it’s too scary for me to even think of that.
Well I got married 4 years ago with a man that I loved and left my country to live with and that I knew he had Asperger and also his daughter who is 17 now and turning 18 in few month.

I was never a routine person or too responsible except in my job, then I got married and I had more responsibilities that I had to do only because I love this man and I want things to be good.
I can’t sleep most of the time I guess it’s from the pain in my body and I guess it’s mainly from anxiety but the pain is so bad specially at night.

My daughter and my husband are very very smart, very high IQ, that makes them correct me most of the time which I sometimes really don’t like and off course I’m not organised and they are too organised and I’m too more flexible then them.

I hate it that I’m not reading, because of the focusing part, sometimes when they talk to me I don’t get it because they are talking about new things happening in the world or general knowledge.
I’m not sure how I will handle this baby with all what I have in my plate, I wish I’m like other moms who are reading a lot of things and learning how to handle their baby. I have a lot of books, I start - get board of trying to focus - then I close the book.

I still didn’t take pills because I was prescribed by ADHD and a bit of social anxiety while I was trying the IVF as I’m 40 years old.

Long story short anyone is dealing with an Asperger family
How did you handle your new born child?what do you advise me so I don’t skip imp things for my child?


Congratulations! I can’t speak to the Asperger angle but in general phone apps are your best friend. On iOS I have an app called Baby Tracker that lets you log feeding, diapering, sleep, and vitals. This helps immensely during routine pediatrician checkups when they ask you about the frequency of these things (because you WILL blank out, LOL) and it helps your frazzled brain find out why your baby might be cranky ("I don’t get it, they just ate a little while ago, it was just [checks app]…REALLY that much time has passed already?!). Voice activated reminders (“Hey, Siri, etc”) are also great for setting them as soon as they pop in your head. Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the pregnancy @Rico!
I’m so happy for you.

If books don’t work for you, maybe you can try videos or classes?

Every person is Asperger’s syndrome is different, like we all are, so I can’t really give advice about that very well.
But a lot of people with Asperger’s can sound condescending when they actually don’t mean to.
Also, I tend to talk with a lot of imagery and imagination, not everyone I know with some form of autism can follow that very well, I need to remind myself to be more literal around them.


Gonna second Baby Tracker. I think that is the one we had for Android when we had our foster son. Very well done, worth the cost.


No other than just a bunch off love. And be a part of his
surroundings whatever that will be.