Good working memory and ADHD?

I’ve been tested by my physiologist (WAIS IV and Dyslexia) while I don’t have all the results yet. I think she has hinted I have a good working memory.

Can you have a good working memory and ADHD?
Is ADHD like a spectrum? Are some people more or less effected?
Does anyone have any article’s that talk about this?

My therapist told me no add adhd is not a spectrum disorder. Only autism is.

And don’t call myself that I’m on the adhd spectrum.

Well I’m learning…

That’s probably a really good question for someone who is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. From my understanding, you don’t have to have all the ADHD symptoms (including poor working memory) to still have ADHD.

I looked for articles, and I found this:

It references ADHD kids with and without working memory difficulties, so I’d assume that there is a subset of ADHD people who don’t have the issues with working memory. The other symptoms are still there most likely and the ones that need more management.

I would add to that in experience things like memory tend to fluctuate a lot, especially when other symptoms, stimuli, or situations are going on.

I was diagnosed recently with ADHD. I have a good working memory yet a little slower than average processing speed. I’m primarily the inattentive type and I have learned to memorize numbers quickly due to my job. I think it all depends on the person and sometimes it’s easier whenever you’re testing without any other people around to distract you.

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This answer is perfect thank you.