Got a Tile!

Its been super helpful so far. Except that I was just trying to find my keys and running around in literal circles because I couldn’t figure out where the song was coming from. It sounded like it was coming from the bathroom, the kitchen, whichever room I had my back turned to? The song was coming from my butt. The keys were in my back pocket.

Otherwise, Tile has saved me from being late and frustrated on several occasions. Would recommend for brains :+1:


THAAAAAAT is hilarious and so relatable. :joy:
The song was coming from my butt.
That’s my new favorite phrase today. :grin:

Glad you found them :joy:
I definitely want to get some! I just need to remember I want them… BEFORE I spend my money on other things. -whistles-

That sounds super useful. I’m always late because I compulsively check to make sure I didn’t forget my keys or forget to lock the door or whatever. And then I forget something else anyways, like my transit card, or whatever paperwork I need.

Is tile a tracking device? Because I need about 4090. One for everything I own. Can I get a hey-o?!?!


I use iTag. Cheap but works ok

Kinda unrelated but I remmber going to a café bathroom once and thinking they have surprisingly good music in this bathroom. Took me quite a while to realize that was my phone ringing.

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Heyyohhh tile will make you happy. They’re pretty inexpensive and can both sing you songs and show you a map of where your tile is.

The only downside so far is that I tend to hit the “find my phone” button on my keys when my hands are full which makes my phone ring until I unlock it.

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I honestly do not have problems with keys… I make myself a habit to always put it in same spot and otherwise never touch it which means they are either on the hanger or my purse…

the real struggle is losing my phone, usb-c connector, my hard drive (for some unknown reason), …
Or worse hair ties… which is so annoying as I use them to fidget and somehow calm my mind if I feel like im gonna explode!!

Hey, at least some of the tiles have a button on them you can press to find your phone too.

I love having my tile on my passport & keys, such a game changer