Got the axe.


So I’ve been working in a technically demanding role for the last 4 months or so. I’ve had to read thousands of pages of tech manuals and procedures, and learn to put all of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.

I was doing well, and making great progress (I thought).

I only received my diagnosis a week before I started the new job, so this was the first time I had to notify my supervisors that I have ADHD.

The rest of my work crew were distant and uncooperative from the first day, and that made it tough.

But with my new meds, I was getting further than I ever have before with the work.

In the end, while I was gaining ground with the work, I was getting stressed by my interactions with the rest of the crew.

I blew up at a senior crew member (one of the ones I actually get along well with). He was notorious for being nit picky and pedantic, but I only really had a problem with him over a three night period, where he kept hammering me over little things, in an aggressive manner due to his lack of sleep, 12 hour shifts and his own stressful workload and family life.

He came at me out of the blue, and blasted me. So I blasted him back and let it all come out. I guess he tripped something in my brain (possibly related to my new meds), and I had a hissy fit out of all proportion to my usual way of handling this sort of thing.

The guy understood immediately how his behaviour had been unwarranted, and apologised sincerely to me. But my reaction had already done the damage.

After that, I knew all eyes were on me, and I lost confidence in my ability to do the job. I found myself going backwards.

I messed up a few times, and gave them the ammo to shoot me.

Which they did. I am now unemployed again.

Yippedy doo dah day.


Oh man, that sucks. I am so sorry.
I wish I could offer more than words. If you need to vent, have at it here, man.


Vent, vent, vent, vent.

Much better now, cheers mate! :slight_smile:

It’s all good. Another page in the book. I had high hopes for this job though.


In the same boat man. Sometimes you think you doing well but a couple mess ups later they say we think its time to let you go. Hurts even more when its only been a hand full of months too. Don’t worry you’ll get back on your feet. Like dude said earlier it may only be words but some support and encouragement better than nothing. Good luck.


@Smoj, I hope the day will come (sooner, rather than later) when you will realize that getting out of that job was a blessing in disguise. I left my old job a few months ago because it was impossible for me to be the drone they expected me to be, and blindly follow time-consuming, unconstructive orders, when I could see faster, more efficient ways of doing things. When you’re under that much pressure, you will mess up. That’s just the nature of the beast. I hope you are able to take this opportunity to take some time to find the job that you want!

Let me know if you need job-searching tips! I’ve become quite the expert!! :laughing:


Oh Simon… I’m so so so sorry.
I’m so sorry.
But I’m glad you seem to be okay :heart:

Perhaps you’ll get another job that won’t steal you away for so long eh?
I can hope. :grin: :heart:

You still doing okay?


That sucks, I’m sorry.


Thanks for the kind words everyone.

@Xavier_Edwards You are not wrong . Some encouragement is definitely better than nothing, and it means a lot to me that across the planet, there are plenty of others in the same boat as me.

Unfortunately it’s the whole industry (mining) that bugs me. It really wasn’t what I thought I’d be doing when I was a kid. The job I lost was my chance at moving sideways into a better position.

But the pay is good in mining, and it has allowed me to buy a house. I’ve even managed to stop the bank taking it away from me a few times.

It’s a shame, but to keep my house, I have to keep making the same sort of money I’m on now (or was last week, at least). I’m not a money hungry person, I’m happy with the clothes on my back as long as I can eat and have an ocassional beer.

If the market was a little better, I’d sell my house and move to somewhere in S.E. Asia, buy a nice place for 15% of what my house in Australia cost me, and start a business, get out of mining and Australia completely.

I’m actually gunning for another job that’s on a 2/2 roster (two weeks on, two weeks at home). Much better than 2/1. Less money, but enough to keep me in trouble. And more time for travelling. On that roster, I get two weeks off. And if I take the two weeks off when I’m normally at work, using annual or unpaid leave, I get six weeks off for the price of two.

A 2/2 roster makes the job worth staying with. I’d run up 160-180 hours of work in that fortnight, and then have the rest of the month off.

I’ve been doing OK for long enough. I was actually hoping to excel for a while. No chance of that.

I’m kind of used to jumping from one job to the other, so that’s not so much the issue. Nor is losing my house (I once got evicted from a drain pipe, so I know it can always be worse).

It’s just that I was SOOO looking forward to having things improve in my life now that I’ve been diagnosed and am on the meds.

I’ve got the tax office on my case because I’m taxically dysfunctional. I can’t get unemployment benefits because my ex-wife is still really my current wife, and their computers can’t cope with my weird life. The department of immigration not recognising our marriage and not letting her into the country was a major cause of current-wife becoming future ex-wife in the first place.

Not happy with the government at all, not happy with my work, not happy with my lack of it. No friends, no life, no love, no job, no money.

At least I have a couple of good cats, a ton of herbal remedy, a collection of very nice bottles of Scotch, and a stunning beach near my house. It’s not all bad. And it’s summer here.

I feel pretty self-indulgent having this gripe, but I’ve got to let some of the steam out. 50 years of frustration and only barely getting by in life is long enough.


Also, apologies for the late reply. Been in a bit of a hole, surrounded by dark walls of “just can’t be bothered”.


Currently unemployed as well just like every 4 month mark lol. Keep your head up and push forward! Best of luck with your search.


Cheers Fred. Best of luck to you too. Got anything lined up? What work do you do?


I only now read this, two weeks late. Man, that’s a bummer. I remember you putting a lot of effort into getting this one right.

Getting comfortable with the working life might be particularly hard for those of us whose CV is more on the spotty side. I for one, even when things are going great, I spend a lot of unnecessary energy on bracing myself for the inevitable backlash - which has at times either led me to overreact to little things going wrong or to underperforming for fear of taking some unwarranted kind of initiative. Also, people pick up on those self-conscious vibes.


Haha at least you lost your job during the summer and not in the winter like me. Well you’re at least pointing out some of the good things that you do have now so you aren’t too far depressed at least. You got this man👍


Yeah, I’ve got the anti-depressants for that. Otherwise the last couple of weeks would have been somewhat grimmer.

And I’m sure your winters don’t get too bad in Louisiana! :smile:

Actually now I think of it, I passed through Louisiana on my way to Florida in Spring, and I remember hearing about how the orange crops had been destroyed by frost that year. So maybe it does get cold there.


Cheers Max.

I know that the grass is always greener on the other side, but your grass looks pretty green from where I am… You are self employed in the creative arts, doing something you enjoy.

I tried that myself a few times, but never really got to the “food on the table” point of success. Still haven’t given up, I’d like to quit mining and self-employ myself in the arts too.

The unfortunate thing is that now I am considered reasonably well experienced in mining. And all the other skills I have from other industries are so out of date that nobody will give me a job outside of mining, even for 1/3 of the money.


Haha it can get deathly cold out here in Louisiana. I live in northern Louisiana so it does snow a bit.


The best of luck to you, Simon. It can’t be easy…

I hesitate to suggest this but is there any chance the people in your last job might make an accommodation for your ADHD? May be you can write a letter to your ex-supervisor or the senior crew member who was on your case but apologized at the end. Even if you told them about ADHD they may not know all the implications of that. You can explain all this, show genuine regret and say how you plan to deal with such triggers in the future.

I know I would re-hire a person who already knows our system, is very knowledgeable, is self-aware, a hard worker and shows a genuine desire to work with me – while a new person is an unknown quantity. And if they did rehire you, they would feel good about themselves. So often we assume things about others and give up… In the worst case nothing will happen but that is already where you are. Second, even if they don’t/can’t give your job back they’d give you a better reference for the next job. [Assuming they are decent folks – generally the case with people]. Apologies if you have already gone down this chain of thought and this suggestion annoys you.

In any case, the best of luck to you!


Thanks khagen.

Not really an option for me. When you are dealing with billions of dollars worth of equipment and product, they get nervous about the guy at the pointy end having attention problems. I kind of knew that going in, but I gave it a try anyway.

I’ve worked for too many corporations who’ve been insanely eager to fire entire departments losing all that experience and knowledge, and rehire fresh faces rather than address whatever the real problem was in the first place.

One place I worked at, they sacked 3/4 of the staff and hired new people. Then they spent 3 weeks training them to the point where they were almost effective at their work.

Then just as they finished their training and were about to become profitable, they got sacked too, and replaced.

I did contemplate going for another job at the same place in another department, was actually headhunted earlier that day, and told the guy I’d like to keep going where I was.

But that night, I got escorted out of the plant back to camp, flew out the next day and never got a chance to chase the guy up about it.

It’s a shame, but I think my bridges have been burnt for me there by the supervisor who didn’t think highly of my ADHD. I didn’t really click with that whole crew, and I doubt they’d want me back even if I hadn’t made a dog’s breakfast of it.


Not a Damm thing lined up I’ve worked most jobs in my County lol. Generally I do maintenance type work I like fixing things as long as it isn’t me lol.

Any prospects for you?


Just barely. Incidentally, I started a part-time job to keep me afloat just a few weeks ago. So far it’s great but I’m wondering if I’ll ever stop looking over my shoulder for something bad to happen…