Gotta talk with the swedish tax agency on Monday. Wish me luck

Beginning of the year I worked a short time freelance for a company and had because of that to basically register as self-employed, and for all adults out there you know that means taxes! I kid you not, the day after I finally finished the registration I was fired. Now having ADHD and all I dragged my feet on unregistring the company and paying the taxes for money I wasn’t receiving completely slipped my mind. Now I’ve gotten a notice that I need to pay roughly 400 dollars by the end of the month or the state won’t be very happy with me. This mind you is more than 8 times what I earned in total (which for those who are curious was somewhere arround 44 - 45 dollars for three months of work mind you!) and money I just don’t have. I am a broke student and my only hope is to talk to them, turn in my earnings and hope that they at least lower it to something more manageable. So, now I’m forced to speak on the phone with them on Monday and I would like maybe some support. Because I am panicking and I really need to keep a cool head, as my depression dipped this week and I’m just getting out of it and don’t want to fall back in to.

Either way, thank you for reading my ramblings. How you have a most wonderful day.

With Kind Regards from Sweden.


That’s a challenging task. I hope that the tax agency will be able to help you sort this out. It wouldn’t really make sense to pay multiple times what you earned in taxes and I hope the people you talk to will see that and have a sensible solution. Good luck on your talk with them!


No idea how that is handled in Sweden, but here at least you can say that you don’t have the money to pay and try to get on an agreement to split it on paying it monthly to a value that you can afford, being self employed is really a challenge by itself and with adhd can be quite overwhelming managing and remembering everything so I can relate quite a lot to that, just don’t feel bad about forgetting things like that, specially if its something you are not really used to do.

Hope you can find a good solution for it, maybe you could consult with an accountant or something to get info on how could you deal with that situation in a way that would be good to you?


Oh wonderful day.

I can relate almost entirely to this.

I had an employer back in 2002 who required me to be a subcontractor, in order to shaft me.

So I signed up as a subbie, and I required a registration for this.

Fast forward to the modern era, and I became unemployed, just for a change. I tried to register for enemployment benefits. I’ve only been paying my taxes for 35 years, so I felt a bit sheepish about it, but what can you do?

Anyway, once they’d worked through all their excuses to not pay me (including my ex-wife not filing tax, even though I’d met her overseas, and she was never able to come to Australia because the Department of Anti-Immigration always failed her visa application, bless 'em, so she’d never filed tax), they decided that a business I never ran made profits which I never received, and that I was trying to scam everybody.

So I wasn’t allowed to claim for unemployment benefits, because that would have just made me far too rich. And the tax office hounded me for paperwork from 2002 (which I’m not sure who I filed to… Maybe… The tax office?).

Just one of my ADHD fuelled bonus missions when dealing with my favourite thing, government paperwork.

My advice: Start a popular revolution. By turning communist, I hope to achieve special standing, and may even be able to apply for extra funding.

The alternative: I could turn fascist, turn my volume down so I’m only doing 5% of the job, and end up running the department one day.

I really love government paperwork, and may just quit looking for work, so I can do it full-time.

Sorry, can’t really offer you any advice, but I can bitch and moan with you, in sympathy.