Graduate jobs

I have dyspraxia, ADHD and aspergers traits, diagnosed from the age of 25, 33, 41.

I tried to get onto graduate training schemes . I did badly at the assessment centres due to dyspraxia and ADHD. Some psychometric tests , were too hard because of my dyspraxia.

I tried to get into leading financial services companies , food manufacturers, retailers . Small companies , required experience , there was always an increasing number of graduates chafing fewer graduate jobs, lots of competition.

The only real long lasting jobs I could have god are Data Analyst jobs in the NHS, I would need to take ADHD medication, declare my dyspraxia and ADHD in a subtle way.

I passed my driving test aged 31 (I only drive locally). I have poor coordination . I am slow . I am overqualified. I get bored easily . I live in a small town.

There is smaller chance of a job in a government agency , again highly competitive.

Someone told me graduate jobs are top much , would need to be medicated.

I am aged 42, options probably self-employment or an NHS (UK health care system) Data Analyst role if I am lucky !



I have been trying really hard to come up with something encouraging to say, while at the same time knowing that the urge to be blunt may not be so easily suppressed. So please accept these messages in the spirit that they have been given and try not to get wrapped around the axels. I’ll try to highlight what I think is important.

I’ve noted that you’re motivated and keen to connect here and that despite all that you perceive as negative you still seem to be getting on with things. As that old Socrates said ‘‘know yourself’’, what he didn’t mention is that it may take a while, and just as you think you know, things change.

You abilities and challenges are ultimately what makes you truly unique. Visiting here should reassure you that for all your challenges there are plenty of people that are at least somewhat like you and surviving, if not thriving. I strongly urge you to

  • make a list of people that have overcome their dyspraxia/ADHD/clumsiness, real or fictional such that you can fill your imagination with may be possible for you. I vaguely recall one of the latest Dr Who companions being Dyspraxic and I know of at least one fellow PhD who now works in the UK on food waste research who has also worked with what life has dealt him. As for me I keep such a list along with ‘‘late bloomers’’ you know old people that still have success, all be it with the clock ticking down (@Brooklyn recently made a few entries).
  • keep in mind that over night success usually takes 10-15 years, so the sooner you start, at anything, the better. Bluntly put: get a job, any job and take your luck where you can get it you’ll win some you lose some … the only way how to find out how good you are is to play.
  • try to find some flesh and blood trusted mirrors, friends old colleagues you had some repour with (I know lock down, but I mean people that you know IRL not vaguely from their discord posts) and get them to be candid with you, what do they see as your strengths etc. You don’t have to believe them, but it’s better than trying to work it out all on your own.

My current work situation: Recently I thought I had found my dream job, one of my bosses would run interference for a bunch of us, he was trying to keep a group of us in work and things seemed real peachy. Two weeks after having a real sense of optimism about how wonderful it all seemed: He got fired, I’m now realising how much interference he was running (and no he was not malevolent, just like all of us just doing the best he could) and the last 6 months have been hellish. How do I keep going? Fall down seven times, get up eight.

I think I’ve said what I can in the short time I have, good luck and hang in there.



So clear, simple, and easy to remember!

I’ll accept “old” if, as it seems, you infer some accompanying wisdom!

(And my puns ain’t too bad either . . . :joy:)


Barry, there is always wisdom for we’ve got more sunsets to reflect on!

I recently had a thirty something turn on me as soon as I told him my age he said ‘no offence but I’m not sure I can keep talking to you’.


Youth Is Wasted on the Young

George Bernard Shaw? Oscar Wilde? Irvin Cobb? Michel de Montaigne? John Brunner? Anonymous?


No matter who may have said these words . . . I like them!!



We used to get quotes at the bottom of our bus tickets, one of my favourites goes along the lines of I found it!

“Nothing can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own.” (Sidney J. Harris)

must. get. bak. to. work.


Ignorance per se is not nearly as dangerous as ignorance of ignorance.

Sydney J. Harris