Greetings from a monk with ADHD


Nice to meet you Enzic! I am taking Philosophy right now…I would ask you to take my classes for me but…Nah HA!! :wink::rofl::rofl::joy:


Well put and same to you, im curious now about how your average day goes? like what is your life like?


Usually a Roller coaster in a good way, but lately I have been in my ADHD failure mode which I am starting to come out of. This is our daily prayer schedule

I go to classes for my priesthood studies. I use to work full time in our Abbey infirmary but since I go to school my hours have been cut drastically, which for me is a good thing so I can focus (or at least try) more on school work.


Hello! I’m glad that people of your religion has someone who understands to maybe refer to, I am not religious in any form though am jewish at birth. But I’ve read a lot about Benedictine monks, as I’m a history nerd and feel that religion is as part of who a people is as everything else, so I am glad you can help them and where their place is, as its so important to find people within your community who understand who you are.


Hello there. Nice meeting you. How’s life going?


Amen to that Jasmin_Nyack!! Next to the diocesan priesthood us Benedictines are the oldest religious order in the Church. I LOOOVE family history and that is one thing that can get me hyper focused so I have been learning a lot about my great grandfather who fought in WW1 and led his men in the battle of Exermont in France.


All is well Aamena, God bless you + :slight_smile:


That sounds absolutely terrifying and i hope you guys are okay down there (I live in the north). Hopefully the two injured went through a good recovery and the rest of you aren’t too shaken up! It’s horrible that that even happened, has your Monistary (?) gone through any security precaution since then?


Hi BiTheStarz, the incident happened back in 2002 and we are doing pretty good. Though yes there was tragedy the monks at that time have healed beautifully by the grace of God. The two wounded are still with us and even ornery than ever HA!! They love God and their ministry. We don’t know why the gunman came through the monastery but the power of forgiveness and love is something that is VERY beautiful and special and that is what got all the monks through it…BUT even though we see sadness and something that is dark, we also see light, peace, and joy. We have grown closer as a community and we have received an increase of vocations. The seeds were planted and the blood of our two monks that were killed was needed to make those seeds flower + And to answer we have gone through some but we still leave our doors unlocked because in the Holy Rule of St. Benedict it says “Let all guests be welcomed as Christ.” Thank you +


Well that’s good to hear! It’s true that tragedy tends to bring people closer, it’s still sad it happens. But it’s good to look on the bright side and you guys are very strong to move on from something so… life altering(?) A good ol’ God bless… I guess!


Thank you BiTheStarz + :relaxed:


welcome ADHDMonk i was not far from joining a order like your when i was young but i did not have the drive to allow myself to quit computers or video games i was raised with so i never went beyond the knowing i was interested, i am after time returning to the lords path he set for me after all this time :slight_smile:



It’s so awesome to see how many people are here from various walks of life. We’re a wide and diverse people and it’s so great. :grin: Also TOTALLY would petition to give your parents a Nobel Peace Prize. :joy: They sound awesome. :heart:


HA HA HA!!! Thanks Harley, God bless you +


Good to meet you Brother! (I usually use the term brother with guys I know to express union, in this case it’s your rank! :slight_smile:)

I’m an atheist myself (doesn’t necessarily make me a bad bloke though). My Dad was brought up in the old school as a Jesuit. I was enrolled in a number of Catholic schools through respect of the education, and I have utmost respect myself.

I’ve been doing a bit of reading about the Aussie involvement in WW1 myself. Particularly the battles of Villers Bretoneaux in 1917, where 2-3 divisions of Australian troops held off a massive German offensive (Michael / Kaiserschlecht) while everybody else was routed. The Germans almost won the war, were within sight of completely breaking through, but were stopped dead by the Aussies.

The Americans hadn’t quite made it to the field yet, and the Germans had something like 20 divisions that had previously been on the Russian front, but became available once Lenin signed a cease fire after the Bolsheviks won their revolution and pulled out of the war.

Interesting times…

I’ve also been reading about Aussie troops, predominantly in the South Pacific in WW2. We were the first to turn back the Germans in North Africa (when they were considered unbeatable). And the first to turn back the Japanese in New Guinea (after many years of constant victory). As well as saving an Allied victory in WW1 at Villers Brettoneaux. The Australian involvement in Vietnam was also in stark contrast to the American experience too.

I get a huge amount of pride reading about my nation’s efforts in the worst of situations.

I’m generally very interested in history, but have been having a bit of a splurge on Australian history lately. I’m an internationalist rather than a nationalist, but have pride in my country (and distaste when it merits it).


Hey sorry for slow reply i come and go a bit so not always able to access net, looks like you have a busy schedule, i dig the passion/devotion whatever word suits best and the get the structure, i think its great what your doing and awesome being able to have a good open chat about it, respect to you and maybe one day you could include a prayer for my indiscretions :slight_smile:


Just to clarify since context is hard with messages like this, the prayer for me suggestion was not taking the piss but legit saying even though we believe in different things i would be more than happy/stoked if you secretly included me in one of your prayers, if that’s how it goes i am not sure?


Thank you Smoj for your story that is really cool!!! This is my great grandfather Capt. Joe W. McQueen who personally led his men in the battle of Exermont, he was wounded three times and still had to walk 3 miles to get back to his troops. Two of the wounds were bullets to the left and right leg and another was a piece of shrapnel to the right thigh. He was cited for valor and even received the St. George 4th degree medal also…Still trying to figure that one out. But in a letter he wrote back to his parents he said “The bullets were so thick I don’t see how anyone is left.” He is my hero that’s for sure.


Hey Enzo, no offense taken at all my brother!! You sound like a great man! And don’t worry you are most certainly in my prayers :relaxed: Actually everyone who is registered on the ADHD board is in my prayers + :smiley:


Hey ADHDMonk! You sound like a really nice person. I just wanted to say that.
I am not very religous but from Roman Catholic ancestry. It is really nice to hear your religion is helping you so much with your ADHD.