Greetings from germany (Its me, Nik)

Hi, my name is Nik, I am 28 years old and I just recently got diagnosed with the inattentive Type of ADHD.

I have a feeling, that this will turn into a wall of text, so I fully understand anyone, who skips the most part (and sorry for my english)

I always was the typical daydreamer child, never (and I really mean NEVER) did my homework, had only a 1 - 3 friends in school and got picked on regurally. Most teachers gave up on me at some point, but the subjects that catched my interest were usually the ones, where I have a natural talent (usually language related) or my teachers could somehow get me interested (history).

I barely graduated and then gave up on 2 degrees, before teaching myself how to program and started a 3 years dual education , to become an official programer. I graduated last year, despite all my problems and increasing meltdowns, but only because I can hyperfocus on writing code.
After that I started my first job, where my disability to manage my time, „careless“ mistakes, that I couldnt explain and breaking down under even the expectation of rejection or critisism finally made me seek help. I got diagnosed with double depression and the inattentive type of ADHD in the hospital, where I will stay until this friday and it was kind of a double edged sword, to be honest.
On the ohne side it opened my eyes and it really explains almost everything I struggle with, but on the other hand, I dont think that I am strongly overexaggerating, because how I think and behave was always my „normal“ and I am only slowly realizing, what the diagnosis even means, altough I have watched almost every single HowToADHD Video out there :joy:

I could write on and on, but I know your attention spans are also short, so…
I just wanted to say Hello

HELLO :slight_smile:


Hello, Nik. Welcome to the HowToADHD forums!

I’m JD, and in also have the Inattentive type of ADHD. My diagnosis helped me to understand myself better, and once I accepted it then all my struggles in life suddenly made sense.


[quote=“Tamabeast, post:1, topic:10930”]

„careless“ mistakes

By definition a “mistake” is “careless” . . . And we all make them! So don’t be too hard on yourself!

“WALL” away . . . :sunglasses:

That describes my son (44 yrs. old) to a “T” . . . In college he would choose a major because the professor was “COOL”. It took him a while until he finally came upon a subject that he was interested in pursuing. It was his ADHD twirling him around that resulted in his taking seven years and three different colleges to finally “figure it out”. So, he eventually graduated with a degree in computer engineering. Once in the work world it was easy for him to move over to “electrical engineering”! . . . If he had not found his passion he would still be doodling around.

So I wish you the best and hope to hear from you again (and again . . .)!