Greetings from the Netherlands!



Hi there! I’m from the north of the Netherlands. My name is Lineke, and I am 24 years old. I only got diagnosed a couple of weeks back, but have been actively thinking about and considering myself to have ADHD for about a year. My ADHD leans mostly to the inattentive type. I struggle the most with getting and keeping organised, emotional dysregulation, rejection sensitivity dysphoria, and forgetting what I was doing/thinking/talking about (all. the. time.)

Lil’ bit more about me: I love children’s books, I dance (partnered dance, swing dance, Lindy Hop) and teach Lindy Hop in my local scene, I am a masters student philosophy struggling to finish my masters, I have no idea whatsoever what I want or even could do with my degree after I finish it, which I find super scary. I have started and stopped and started and stopped and started doing bullet journaling, and will probably keep on muddling through because it helps a lot, but with time I will probably get overwhelmed/forget/finish a book and forget to make a new one again.


Welcome!!! My great grandfather imagrated from the Netherlands to the US in 1912. Sorry… that was random. Welcome to the tribe. :smiley_cat:


Hi there! That’s so cool! I can see it in your name, in the Netherlands we have a lot of “van der [something]” surnames :slight_smile:


Hello Lineke! Welcome!

We have a lot of bullet journalers here! Maybe they can help you with your bujo? :grin: Have you googled what you can get with a philosophy degree? I kind of wish schools would like… list out what jobs each degree can usually get you. :sweat_smile: It would make life so much easier. BUT GOOD LUCK. Getting to Masters is incredible! We have a lot of students here too - so if you ever need help with anything, I’m sure they’d be more than willing to help. :heart:


Yeah, my real last name is Vander Voord but I believe my great grandfather used to spell it Van Der Voorde, when I met my wife she had trouble with my last name so i started using vandersomething for my emails and things like that. It is easier for people to remember.


That’s amzing. :joy:
I love the humor and creativity :grin: