Guanfacine - Finally started meds for the first time

My apologies - I’m not going to proof read this - I’ll obsess for far too long today, I can already tell :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

Long time no see - but plenty of ADHD funtime have been had in my absence, cause well…That never stops lolz

So after like a year and 5 or so assessments, I finally got my official diagnosis and started meds for the first time yesterday :smiley:

I’m on Gunafazine (generic / non time release Intuniv / Tennex) because I have epilepsy (seizures) and my clinician is concerned about treating me with stimulants. I’ve seen the theory debunked in studies that stimulants cause seizures in epileptics (its just 1 in 5 adults with epilepsy also have ADHD as a comorbidity), so ADHD and seizures happen together. I’ll find the study and post it sometime.

Anyway, I’m just wondering if anyone else has used Guanfazine as a mono therapy, or what your experience is as a first line, or conjunctive therapy…Basically, what’s your experience???

Apparently its supposed to make you sleepy so a lot of people take it at night. I took it last night, was sleepy for a little bit, fell asleep at my normal bedtime (around 9 or 10) and then woke up at about midnight and had trouble sleeping until I got up a little before 7am. So apparently, I’m that 1% that gets insomnia from this. What the heck? Lolz

I took my second dose and its like all the bad is dampened down, and I feel more alert, and can stay on task a little better, but I’m trying to chill because, again….epilepsy. So my brain and body keep wanting to get up and do all the things, but I’m trying to take it easy so I don’t exacerbate my other brain things.

Anyway, so happy to finally be on meds for this. Little ADHD baby at 37 :slight_smile:

Going to celebrate by purchasing my first How to ADHD merch…. Yay!

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While I have not . . . and therefore cannot be of any help in that regard . . . I just want to welcome you back here.

Ollie welcomes you back too . . .



There’s always a period of adjustment when getting meds into your system. I would not assume that this will always be how it is.

Though it does recall the one time I tried an over the counter sleeping pill. Instead of not being able to sleep because my mind was going 10000 miles an hour… it was because I had this weird sort of tingly feeling all over me… like loose hairs clinging to my skin.

Never tried that again!

Good luck on your journey with your clincian.

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