Guild wars 2


Hello. So…I sort of made a guild, and then came here to post that I made a guild so that people would know about it and could join if they wanted. If not I would most likely panic and delete it.

Its on the Crystal Desert World.
Its called Welcome to the Tribe, the tag is [ADHD]
Its current only member is me, Cazriel Veritas.
My Goal was to just provide a place for us to play and help each other either in game or out.
My normal playtimes are EST but on a night shift(Midnight-5am) and some Afternoons.


I’ll check it out.


Is this still a thing? I was hard into GW2 until my PC took a fail. I hope to have it back up by the begining of the year, as I (try to) save up for parts.


I may look into it. I’ve played before, I’m just not super awesome at video games (even though I love playing them).


I am back. I was gone for about 6 weeks…I was distracted by a shiny thing. I am still interested in making this happen. I made the guild as more of an idea, or a placeholder for what will be something greater later on. Now that more people have shown an interest I was thinking of starting anew. Not my guild, but OUR guild. Im taking suggestions on what the new name should be(which must be unique, sadly simple “The tribe” is taken), we also need a guild Tag, a sort of abbreviation ive gone with [ADHD] (which does NOT need to be unique so we can keep it regardless) Taking ideas and suggestions. List them here or contact me in game and we can go ahead with it.


The Brains is what it should be called of course!
I’m downloading now.



I did get logged in, but I need to go to bed. My name is Hyacinth Leafbloom. :smiley:
I’ll most likely be on tomorrow evening - Monday evening and Tuesday too.


I’ll be on a couple more hours. :smiley:
I have work the next three nights (starting Wed night) so won’t be on again til the weekend most likely.


Had an enjoyable time playing into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.


Likewise, For anyone still interested contact me in Game, do a friends list search for Cazriel.1027 and add me. I am not always on, but probably more then is healthy =P Hope to see you in game.