Halp! Can't get my Meds!

EDIT – got my meds, crisis averted, discussion below may be germane anyway

original post follows –

Well, the impending disaster seems to be coming true. This Monday I visited my psychiatrist and got a new prescription, but I’m not able to fill it because no pharmacy in town seems to be able to get hold of the required drug! It’s a not-uncommon situation, in fact. (I complained about it in another thread, where I asked whether maybe on-line dispensaries would be a good idea for me … Ordering Rx Meds on-line (in USA) how-to? ) So, today I have the last of the previous meds, and we’re going to experience a (relatively minor, we hope!) tropical storm here in town as well. This means I won’t have my generic Adderall, starting tomorrow, until heaven-knows when.

Well, we’ll see what precipitates. So far I have thought up the following list of important coping strategies …

  1. Coffee
  2. More Coffee
  3. Name what you’re doing, at all points in time, to guard against forgetting that you may have been doing the same thing over and over for no good reason (hyper-focus).
  4. Plan on longer-term straight-through unstructured projects for all free time, such as reading big books (“War and Peace,” “The Red and the Black”) because, although I won’t be likely to finish more than a paragraph at a time, at least I will be able to jump right back into the one project at any point in time when I abandon some other project.
  5. Self-care to the max. Floss. Re-floss. Coffee. More flossing.

Other thoughts?

I had this same problem finding my med too. You can’t call places cause they won’t tell you over the phone if they have it or not. I’m sure you have checked all the pharmacies all over the place. Your best bet would be the online delivery service but not at this moment cause your plum out of pills. I can’t add to the things to help list cause I think your covered there. Too bad I can’t help you get the meds you need.

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This happened to me 10 days ago with CVS I was just told (over the phone) that they keep ordering it and it hasn’t been coming in. They couldn’t explain why. Called again a couple of times and same result. The 3rd time, they told me that I had another prescription on hold at another CVS (left over from another incident like this). Called them but they also said they could not get it at all.

So I visited the 1st CVS and after getting the same spiel, I asked to speak to the managing pharmacist and asked why this was happening. What was the supplier saying? She said each day they order and mark it urgent and either it doesn’t come or they may get 1 bottle. On pressing further, she said there is sometimes a notation saying “manufacturer restricting supply”. She didn’t know what that meant.

Normally a drugstore will not discuss inventory until you have a prescription, however I was able to call a Walgreens and explain the situation and the pharmacist actually gave me useful info - that they were out of 5mg tablets and having issues getting them, but that they had 10mg in stock. So I called my doctor and she sent a new electronic Rx to that Walgreens and blamo. Problem solved for this month - just had to split tablets as needed.

  • Go in person
  • Ask whether they have other sizes or other formulations
  • If you’re having issues with one store chain, try another. I’ve had multiple issues with CVS stores in my area. I told my doc I’m switching.
  • Save for a rainy day. Set aside a pill every now and then until you have a dozen or two. Give to your significant other and tell them they are only for these supply emergencies. When you’re ADD/ADHD - you know you’ll wait until the last minute to refill so don’t dip into that emergency supply except in a true emergency.
  • If the drugstores won’t confirm stock for you, try explaining the situation and if that fails Tell your doctor.
  • Be suspicious. I’m almost certain all of this is to push people to newer and more profitable drugs. Adderall is SO cheap because the patent was up long ago. Read up on the great adderall drought (link below).

FDA Drug Shortages Info
Anatomy of the Great Adderall Drought


Yeah, I have found inklings of this notion as well. I was told at a few pharmacies over the earlier part of this week, “We can’t ever get it” and “Everybody is having a hard time getting it” and even “We won’t have it until August.” Then in the latter part of this week my nearby CVS said, “Sure, here it is” instead, and handed it over no problems, like they didn’t know they had been holding out on me previously.

This causes annoyance, but for me it has also caused wrong drug, because I generally HOPE to shop around to get one particular generic manufacturer, but you know darn well that when I have a hard time finding ANY of the drug, then it finally shows up, I’ll take whichever generic manufacturer I can get my hands on.

There’s a big lie, somewhere, and we’re the victims of it. We’re getting jerked around. But don’t you worry. Once the Republicans eliminate publicly funded health-care, this whole discussion will be moot, since neither you nor I will be able to buy ANY prescription drugs EVER AGAIN … or, to put it differently, why is the profit-motive more influential than the health-motive in our medical thinking?

I’ve actually already implemented most of your suggested solutions, and do continue to implement them. They’re good suggestions, though, and it’s good to share them with the rest of the forum.

Update, for the past month I’ve been taking the meds but of the WRONG generic … so, it’s been a mixed bad. Got my meds, but didn’t get the right ones. Kind of wondering what the upshot will be, for my next round. I meet with the prescribing doctor on Monday 5th Aug, two days from now. I hope we’ll be able to confabulate productively.

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I’m glad you were able to get something that kind of works for you, and hope your Dr visit goes well.

This might be a lil off topic but still sorta on topic… Do you find that coffee works in place of meds?

I’m in the same position (I forgot to get my repeats before the script ran out) and have been consuming as much caffeine as possible. I feel like it works really well for about half an hour and then I just feel tired.

Meh coffee’s OK up down yes no. Not the same thing as Adderall at all. In fact, the biggest difference between coffee and any other stimulant I’ve ever tried, is that coffee gives me a stomach ache or that “acid-reflux feeling” when taken in too great a quantity.

On related note, will be starting Vyvanse tomorrow. Had just too much difficulty coming up with the PROPER generic form of Adderall, so doc and I are looking down a new rabbit hole for solutions. I got a free coupon for one month of it; but if I have to pay for it, next month it’s going to be about $300 a month! Ouch! So, I kind of hope it doesn’t work … :stuck_out_tongue:

@cliftonprince I’m on vyvanse. There is a recurring coupon you can use that reduces the yearly cost. Not sure what exact interaction there is with insurance. (Obligatory “Do your own research” statement.)
Here is what a quick google-fu gave me.
I don’t know if that is the same I use, as I found mine a long time ago, and I think the pharmacy auto renews it. I’d have to do some digging in my email.
Vyvannse can have some rough stuff the first month. I lost… 10 pounds? I forget the exact number. I forgot to eat. First time on ANY meds. Not sure how much was Vyvanse and how much was just new to meds over all. Some stomach issues. The poo was REAL. Due to a lack of skills and newness on meds, I also got stuck on hyperfocus late into the night/morning. Took about a month to even out, which my ADHD coach(es) have told me is normal.
Personally, I love Vyvanse. One and done, don’t need to worry about remembering to take a pill mid day. I can if needed pour the contexts of the capsule in water, mix well, and drink x% of the glass if I sleep in too late but still need meds for the rest of the day. I have been known to separate have of the powder out and store it, put the other half in water and drink it, for the rare cases where my job has me on the road for a week or so and I will run out of my meds. The stored half dose I use on driving days or weekends. Probably not a great idea, but desperate times…

Thanks for the sensible pointers. I did find the coupon, or, one that seems like it will apply for my usage of Vyvanse, but, umm, why is the list-price so high if they promptly give everyone a HUGE cut-rate off the list price? And what keeps them from stopping the coupon supply tomorrow? How do I know it’s going to last for several months / years into the future? Weirdness.

I’ve taken the Vyvanse for one day now, first thing this morning, it seems to be doing fine so far. I am not a newbie to the notion of meds in and of themselves alone, I’ve done Ritalin and Adderall before this stint with Vyvanse, so, maybe I can hold off some of the crazyness you experienced? Oh BTW, the notion of pouring it into a glass and then drinking the “x%” is a great idea! My doc suggested I am allowed to pour it over my food if I want. He says the Vyvanse capsules are DESIGNED to be opened so the powder can be poured or re-measured like that. It hasn’t really given me an ultra-shocking wake-up effect, not yet; took it at 8 am, had a pretty normal-feeling day, nothing earth-shattering, and now it seems like I’ll be going to bed on time … we’ll see, I have the whole weekend ahead of me to screw up my circadian rhythms …

Geez, yet more developments. A month of Vyvanse, I liked it, I halved the dosage from the original Rx downwards, I had a few days of adjustment but otherwise felt like it was a lot better for me than Adderall. Vyvanse makes me a very good little happy functioning cog in a functioning Capitalist machine. I go through all my little dumb chores and don’t mind their mundane nature. Vyvanse is the total antidote to mundanity, pedestrian-ness, mediocrity. On Vyvanse, I feel fine to just keep on typing or filing, all day, and actually empty out the to-be-filed boxes. Whereas Adderall feels more like a cup of coffee in pill form – zingo! I wake up, I feel jittery, I still hate filing, and I have the increased energy to not just hate it a bit, but to REALLY ENERGETICALLY HATE it. I was getting the idea that Vyvanse was working for me, and had begun to try to plan the longer-term projects (writing major works of literature! yes! some day I may actually start) with the aid of the impetus and stick-to-it-ive-ness which Vyvanse seemed to be giving me.

And then after a decent growing month of Vyvanse, I found out that each subsequent month would cost $270 out of my own pocket, and that’s if I DO use the internet coupon! I lose again all respect for pharmaceutical profiteers. Medicine is a human right, not a salable commodity. We got it all wrong …

Back to Adderall. Yeesh. It never ends …

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