Happy New Year! ...I need something from you.



I just found this on YouTube this morning :sweat_smile:

I reckon the large object hanging on the wall may be a hint, but I guess we’ll know soon. Exciting :grin:

And I have no idea how to post comments on youtube, you need to sign in or something?

So I’ll share mine here :wink:

I have just added reading for 10 minutes every morning to my routine, as I love reading and had kind of stopped doing it because I was so stressed and couldn’t focus, plus there’s a lot I have to read so that was adding to the stress.

I love your videos and thank you so much for setting up this forum too! Finding out I have adhd has been a very special period in my life that has had some scary and depressing times, but also some very positive ones. And a lot of the positives come from the grounded feeling you give me by telling me this is my tribe. My therapist and my coach are great too, but this feeling of fitting in at last is the most amazing thing. Thank you.