Hard time getting going in the morning

Last week, I was up early and ready to start my work day. This week I’ve been having trouble, waking up late, slow at getting ready, not feeling so up beat. Fortunately with my job I don’t have to start at a certain time. I just liked when I started early so I can be done early. Now, let’s say I think I’m gonna start at 10 am and I won’t be done until 7.
I wish I was more consistent. I do have some ideas why maybe I feel slow is I did drink a few days this week and stayed up later than last week. Well I’m I guess I figured out the problem. One more rant , at bedtime when my vyvanse is wearing off I eat a lot of anything I got mostly junk food. It’s become a habit I think I can’t fall asleep without eating. Any ideas to get me over this?


I’m in the same boat, except I’ve given up getting early. Usually up at 10, but I’m trying to shave 30 minute increments off over time. Hopefully it works, but I know that I’m almost worthless if I’m tired lately.

Have you ever had your vitamin D checked? My levels are perpetually low - right now my doctor has me taking a megadose once a week to catch up. According to my therapist, anxiety and depression can drain vitamin D for some reason. Worth checking out.

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That’s interesting, I’m glad that you saw your doctor and he/she found that you d was low, have you seen improvement since you’ve been taking d? Living in Tucson Az, the where the sunshines more than any other state I always assumed I got enough d.

I just started the mega doses for the second time. Should take a few weeks.

I’m kind of a basement dwelling ghoul, so it’s not the biggest surprise my D is low.

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if the issue is arriving late to places set your clocks 3 mins or longer ahead so that way your brain will think that your late and you need to get moving when in reality your early to every where you need to be. But it takes some getting used to and changes to the time set ahead can vary depending on how much time you need

I did that as a teenager! Lol, you brought back some funny memories, I appreciate that! I have gotten good about being on time when it involves other people. Commit to my own schedule I have trouble with.

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Ah then if you don’t have to start your job until a specific time but being up early allowed you to get more work done then consider waking up early and doing household chores such as the dishes or laundry then off to work you go or ask if you can start at an earlier time for the job.

But to each their own and we all have those bad weeks were we late and slow, but that’s okay. Maybe this week is just one of them but you will make it through

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Kinda what you just said I ended up doing, I took care of some stuff at the house got my car cleaned and gassed up, and I’m going to start work now. What’s nice is now when I get home tonight, I will come home to a clean home


Re: eating before going to bed. Only keep healthy food around, like apples. Are you hungry enough to eat an apple? If you’re really hungry, go ahead and eat one. Chances are, you’re not and eating just to do something. The trick is to not have junk food around. I usually go to a grocery store after eating (& right before it closes!) so that I get less tempted to buy junk food & I don’t have time to do more than buy the essentials. I do keep almonds & apples around as emergency food (when I forget to eat a meal & realize I’m shaking due to being very low on sugar!).

Re: waking early. Think of the positive things you can do if you do. Such as having time to eat a proper breakfast, go for a walk, or whatever you enjoy. And if you get tempted to stay in bed, think of the consequences, such as stress, being late, forgetting things etc. Keep a couple of alarm clocks. At least that forces you to get up! And don’t keep a phone or tablet near your bed to steal time from you. Even if you went to bed late, get up early. The next night it will be easier to fall asleep earlier. For me, just before falling asleep, if I can spend 5-10 minutes relaxed and thinking of a couple of fun things the next day helps. If I’m already stressed out, it becomes harder to remember to do this.


I didn’t really read any of the comments. But my advice would be:

Go and figure out if you’re a morning person or a night owl. I’m a night owl and better of going to bed late and getting up late. If that’s what makes you feel better, don’t feel bad about it. That’s how your natural clock works. You’re not the only one. If you figured that out, start building routines. A tip would be: whatever your alarm is, put it on a place where you have to get out of bed in order to turn it off. Then you’re less likely to get back into bed. And just get started with your morning routine. Don’t stress, but take your time. Stressing usually makes you go slower in the end :joy::joy::joy:

Even if you can decide for yourself when to work, make sure you start work at the same time every single day. And also end work at the same time every single day. Make sure to take enough breaks. If you create a routine in this, it’ll be easier to stick to it.

And the reason why you wanna snack at night is bc you’re tired. When your body is tired, you either need to sleep or get more energy as soon as possible. And the fastest way to get more energy is sugar. That’s why you start craving at night. Then you’re better off going to the healthier sugars. Fruit is a good example of that.

And yeah, in terms of alcohol. You probably know my answer. Don’t drink it. But yeah that’s kinda your choice. You’re just better of not drinking it.

I hope this helps :grin::grin:


Hi everybody. :wave:
I’m new to this all here and I struggle with the same stuff. Especially with the hard time getting out of bed or getting startet in the lot in. Sleep mode is sooo tempting.
:green_apple::apple:I just wanted to add that fruit (especially apples) are no healthy choice for a late snack, cause in the digestive system. it sits there over night and produces gas and sth like alcohol (not sure exactly in engl.) because of the acid I think but I’m no food chemist. I just know because my mum who doesn’t drink alcohol at all but loves her apples got bad liver results and her doctor advised her to stop eating apples in the evening.
Just find other healthy late snacks ( for me a piece of :cheese: or :avocado: or a glass of​:milk_glass:or a hand of dried fruits or :chestnut::peanuts: does the trick.