Has anyone ever used Klarity ADHD before to get a refill?

I just moved and I’m all out of meds and there are no appointments with a DR locally for the next 3 months. Has anyone ever used www.klarityadhd.com before or heard anything about this?


I don’t take meds but Welcome anyway!!

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yep, transferred from another platform to Klarity last month

idk why they didn’t make too much promotion, but it’s the most affordable adhd telehealth I ever found online

so far good communication with my provider

maybe you can try to email them and put you on the wl…the price is really attractive. worth a try.


hello everyone, since I’ve been pmed a lot for my rating of klarity, I’ll put more info here…

yes, they are legit. and yes, they can prescribe med including adderall, ritalin

my provider is very nice, patient, and usually replies back to my message within a day. after the initial $150 visit, he met me once a month online. prescription was usually sent to my pharmacy on the same day. there’s only one time I received my med on the second day but bc that visit is on Sunday it’s really not a big deal for me. i transferred from another online clinic bc I don’t like that provider and I don’t want to accept their subscription policy(is that even legal???) those are not troubling me anymore

I referred it to my friend last month, his feedback is good as well. customer service is on the point, at least helps me solve my problems fast

so my advice is, if you CAN make an appt with Klairity without staying on the waitlist, give it a try

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