Have had ADHD for about 7 years now and am 16

I am in 10th grade and I focus about probably 60% of the time and that’s pretty good I guess but I mean nice grade my attention was a lot better but it just feels like sometimes my medicine doesn’t work but it doesn’t need to be increased or lowered. I’m just not sure but it just seems like my last few classes of the day I just can’t do much because I just kind of shut down. is it because it wears off? Somebody please tell me. And if anybody has any tips on improving attention and decreasing and positivity this would help a lot. Thank you

It could be that you’re medication is beginning to wear off. I would talk to my doctor and just be open about what you’re experiencing. When I was in high school years ago… I remember I took two doses of long acting meds just to get me through homework time. Do you get you’re focus back at any point after you’re last class? Like how’s after school studying?

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I mean I’m not aware like sometimes I have it back in there and I will jump back-and-forth. I talk to my doctor a few weeks ago and she said I don’t see the point of increasing it and I told her what is going on the class so you know it gets so loud and there’s just so many distractions and everything and I told her about that and she said maybe that and she said it may be the medicine wears off by the time of that. Are used to take hey afternoon pill that help me get through after school but once I hear high school my parents took it off of me because I only have a few more years left and they thought I could manage.And my meds work for me as I take it I don’t even really feel it working but I just know it does when I’m just controlled of everything no it’s like when my brains do this I do it do you know when some of those things aren’t always good they can get you in trouble also but it does help so I can’t complain

I wish you luck. As long as you communicate with you’re doctor and report ongoing problems I’m sure that things will get resolved in time. The medication dosing thing has changed for me over the years too. It’s not easy to find the comfortable dose sometimes because our life is ever changing. Keep you’re head up and know you’re not alone.

Thank you