haven't been diagnosed yet, but i think i have anxiety. help?



Hi! I haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor, but i think i have anxiety. if you can relate, let me know in the reply section. it makes me happy.

I am terrified to do things. for example: i don’t want to raise my hand in class, because i’m scared of wasting the teachers time by asking a stupid question, and i dont want to lead my class up the stairs, because im scared of doing it wrong.

i am also lonely. none of my friends like the same things i do. so i just sit on a bench and read all the time.

if you can give me any suggestions on how to get around my anxiety, it would be very much appreciated. thanks! :hugs:


Heya @adhd-person,

I think fundamentally it comes down to communication and finding people that resonate with you. We all grow up in a society that (in it’s present existence) is driven by performance and standards, that are designed for the mid-portion of the bell curve.

Nobody has more value than anybody else!

There are no stupid questions. And I think the fear of failure is holding you back from going for it. I know taking the first step towards smbd can be frightening/intimidating, but almost always it’s worth it. (But trust me, I have the inside days too :point_right::brain:)

I guess I got around my ADHD and anxiety, by realizing for myself, we are all equally individual

You have a lot to offer, don’t miss the chance, where you might turn somebody else’s life around by your perspective.

All the best


Thanks for this. I really appreciate this website more than I can say in words, and I am thankful for finally having a way to communicate with people like me. I go to a school where there’s only around 100 people there, so I don’t really have any new people to talk to. When I go to secondary School, I will have a lot more variety, and hopefully be able to open up more. Again, thank you for the comment, you have given me some very helpful advice! :blush:


hey frances


Omg honey, I can’t relate MORE. I honestly didn’t realize how much of an anxious person I was until a f t e r the diagnosis though. Since the majority of my friends have some form of anxiety, but in different forms, I never really understood them. But the overall feeling like a burden and not wanting to bother anyone is definitely universal in anxiety.
I try reminding myself when I start kicking myself that I’m “Good enough.” Even if you mess up or fumble on you’re words “you’re trying,” or “you’re doing the best you can, and that’s all anyone can ask of you.” Remember to give yourself a little slack or else you’re not really bettering yourself.


I have anxiety BIG time, NOT FUN!!! I try to take in deep breaths or lie down…but I also take meds. I also try to pray. God bless you +