Having a not ok day

So Friday I got my hair cut for the first time in an age and was feeling pretty good, which carried into Saturday, not doing much, just keeping the house tidy. The Sunday, I start to get anxious and everything upsets me… I did forget to take my meds till the afternoon, but they should have kicked in by now. Maybe it’s just sunday blues, knowing I have to go back to work on Monday, but it also feels like I’m upset I didn’t use my potential. I did nothing.

I dunno where this pressure came from, maybe just from feeling good for the first time in ages, there fore i must do something.

I feel anxious and sad like I wasted the day and am ending the weekend on a bad note…

This would not usually bother me. Doing nothing is my specialty….

(I have depression, anxiety and add)


Feeling good is usually short lived when in the midst of anxiety or depression.

I’ve been doing so much better, but still experiencing small bouts of depression or anxiety every now and again.

Try to do things that you enjoy, that you can look forward to doing… And then do them.

Maybe this will help…


I do just the same . . .

But if I push myself (not at all easy to do . . .) and “do something” . . . almost “anything” . . . I feel less useless! I usually feel better, less depressed, less feeling like shit. And after that happens, I once again need to remind myself of the benefit of doing “something”!

Aerobic exercise has been shown to be helpful . . . But, “Aye there’s the rub” (WS) . . . DOING IT . . . when dot-matrix printers were the norm I printed up a 5 foot long banner:
“EXERCISE OR FEEL LIKE SHIT” . . . My eyes gazed upon those words each morning (it was on the wall opposite my bed) . . . did I follow my own advice? Sometimes!

But when I did . . . I invariably felt better . . . even if only 10% . . .


i’m firmly convinced that weekends are for doing nothing. i think we need periods of rest not only within the day but within the week, season, year.


Yeah I hurt myself getting my hair done, turns out my hips didn’t like sitting for three hours, even though I did get up and stretch and I fid walk there
And i did do my groceries and tidy up and take a selfie, and take out the bins… I even tried on Sunday to sort out the big problem in the music studio, which I figured out a bit but not wholly…

My restless legs are driving me bonkers, but my hips need rest, and everything was triggering or upsetting, so… I guess thinking back it was hard to do something nice for myself in that mood… I just did status quo.

I have lifetime anxiety and depression but the cycles still take me by surprise…

Thanks for the ideas and support everyone


does the hair cut still look nice? :slight_smile:

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Amazingly yes! I’ve had great hair days all week!!! It feels amazing for someone who is losing all their hair…

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