Headaches getting more frequent

Hello again. a few weeks ago I posted about light, sound and air sensitivity. Well I’ve remembered that there was a boy in school about a few months ago (he’s no longer there) and he was wearing huge orange glasses, which he told me would help against the headaches, due to the blue light. I’m not necessarily sure if it’s just Blue light, but glasses which would dim everything, or clip on best, would be very. handy, when something i know is gonna give me a headache. I thought that maybe someone in this forum has already experimented with this and found a solution. not: i can’t dim the brightness on every screen and light bulb. I’m looking for something like clipon glasses, which don’t make you look like a complete weirdo.

It just seems like that these horrible, horrible bright lights are being used everywhere.

It could be worth trying some regular clip on sunglasses from one of the stores such as Walmart, Target, or Meijer. They tend to be fairly cheap and it’s a good first run to see if the sensitivity can be addressed that way.

thanks. Good Idea. I actually already have some. I’m now even questioning things like lack of sleep, glasses pressuring all day or if it’s having dry eyes.

Sounds like it could be a lot of things to sort through. Like a sort of science experiment with a process of elimination. Hopefully you’re able to narrow it down and find what works!

For me, I’ve also been given the advice to pre-medicate for headaches. Like, proactively take Tylenol, Excedrin, or Ibuprofen throughout the day in case a headache gets triggered. I know that’s worked for some people, and it has helped me in the past during times when I’m more prone to headaches (i.e. stress, illness). Whatever you do, I hope that you find something soon!


Regular sunglasses are the main idea I have come up with when brainstorming my light sensitivity, but I haven’t gotten to the point of actually testing it. I’ve been having a bad run of headaches lately, so may try it out soon. I would have to buy sunglasses, first.

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I do that occasionally too, like if I have a training day at work: from experience I just know I’ll get a headache from the extra concentration.

If it’s a daily thing though, ibuprofen can apparently do bad things to your stomach - in the summer I had to take meds in that group every day for weeks and I was instructed not only to take them with food to protect my stomach, but also to take a specific stomach protecting drug as well.

This was not just me as an individual, it was also listed as a warning in the leaflets that came with the medication.

So I would just like to add ‘discuss this with your family doctor first’, to be on the safe side.

The doctor may have something helpful to suggest about the headaches too🙂.

@guyguyguy21: I suppose you have also tried drinking more water? Sometimes my light sensitivity is triggered by my having a headache, which then gets made worse by the light, in a horrible vicious circle.

Hello. I’ve been taking currently elvanse, which may be the recent trigger for these headaches. Today I will probably know, what the cause of the headaches is.

I already tried sunglasses and they do dimm a bit.
Time will tell and I’ll post once I’ve found out

Only a bit headache so far.