Hearts aka friends and family what do you think

Is anyone here a heart aka a family member or friend to someone with ADHD? If so good job for joining this website to get information. Personally i am a brain i struugle with ADHD and it is harder than most people think. Inwas wondering what it is like to have a friend or family member with ADHD and mayne how we can make it better for you. So plzz respond i would love to know how ypu feel how we can help and how to give you a better understanding :heart::heart::pray::pray:

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Also am a brain. I said to an admin one time, “I can only imagine what it’s like having me as an employee,” and she bust out laughing.

She apologized the next day.

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I’m a Heart, married to a Brain.
There are some awesome things about having a Brain as a spouse, and some real challenges, too. Every Brain is different, so I’m sure my experience is different than others :). Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, or I would have responded right away.
Anyway, the good parts of having a Brain is having someone who is devoted. My Brain, when he has his mind set on something, is absolutely devoted to it. Our marriage is a top priority for him, so I am a focus.
When I set him on a task and he is motivated, it is perfect. His attention to detail is amazing.
As a fast paced person and he is slower moving. He helps me to “slow down and relax” every now and again.

Hard parts? Promising he’ll do something and then forget about it. Apologizing for doing something and repeating it almost instantly (pretty sure this is just a human thing, but sometimes it’s very ADHD specific). Sometimes hyper-focusing on things that damage our family relationships (IE, video games, work, etc.). Not communicating with me about needs, schedules, or whatever because he doesn’t think it’s important.

But, I still love my Brain even though sometimes I feel ignored or like he doesn’t care because he forgets/doesn’t change after apologizing.

For me, as a Heart, I would love as much communication as possible. Telling me how he is struggling, how I can help (or letting me help), acknowledging that sometimes he needs to let me take control or pass things off to others because ADHD does sometimes interfere and hurt our relationship and, of course, keep trying to find solutions that make him the best man he can be, not only for us (his family) but for him :).