Hello and welcome to everyone I have missed! Please take this waving bear. <3

Well, I am eight months behind on my bear, and I think it’s a little unfeasible for me to actually sort through every introduction to find ones I haven’t responded to yet… and respond to each one individually, even though that’s what I REALLY would like to do! But I am trying to practice being realistic. :sweat_smile: So instead here is a waving bear and a big welcome from me to everyone I wasn’t able to get to individually! My apologies. :heart: I hope I can keep up from here on out, but I also recognize life likes to throw curveballs sometimes.


Don’t worry about it @HarleyKyn!!! It’s good to be realistic :grin: Love the GIF!


Nice wave. Thanks!

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this jus made my day!!
loving the bear wave <3

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