Hello, Brains! Just diagnosed at 41.


Hey kids, I just received my official diagnosis last week and am very hopeful about the future. I won’t start on Adderal until Friday, since I have a job interview on the morning and thought it might not be a good time to take it for the first time ever. I’ve been very grateful for Jessica’s videos over the last few weeks, and hope to be a valuable addition to these forums.



Welcome to the Tribe, Windsor!

You can be a kid too, if you want. We don’t discriminate. :wink:

I find it funny that no matter how old I get, I’m still a “kid” to someone. Here I am at 30 after failing to become an adult at 21, and I still get looks like “pfft, you’re not grown up”. I’m kinda at the point where I suspect I may in fact be Peter Pan.

But hey, that’s just a theory. A game th- Oh wait, that’s trademarked. Nevermind.



Welcome to the tribe Windsor!

You young whipper snapper! :wink:



Yeah, you’re right in the same boat as I was, you spry chicken! I got diagnosis right after my 43rd birthday. Keep learning! The YouTube channel HowToADHD is, in my opinion, one of the best sources of information out there. No propagation of misleading or mal-adaptive myths, lots of helpful personal anecdotes, presented in a sprightly enjoyable small-chunk kind of way that operates well with our (special, unique, and certainly superior!) brains.

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